Friday, May 26, 2006


I will admit it, even though I try to fight it, I can be self-absorbed. Yesterday, while trying to run all the errands I needed before I picked up my kids from their sitter…and trying to outrun more storms…it came down on me pretty hard how self-absorbed I was being. I had my window down and was waiting to go at a stop light and behind me I hear a loud *CRASH*. My first thought, as much as I hate to admit it, was “damn, that is going to back up traffic and I am going to be late getting the kids.” This thought came because I was going to have to go back that way once I ran my errand. After I had this thought I almost felt sick to my stomach and was embarrassed by my own mind. Up until now, it was between God and me, but it is life and it is why I want to write this blog.

This situation made me think about perspective and my mind started running on different perspectives I have observed lately and I wanted to share. These are excellent reminders that my life is This Good and I should be grateful and appreciative and that my problems are minimal in scope to those of others.

*I came out of the bank the other day and noticed a little ding in my mom-mobile and had a moment of self pity that there was yet one more thing that I should put on my to-do list…but as I walked around to the driver’s side of my vehicle, I noticed that the entire side of the mom-mobile next to mine was completely smashed. Perspective.

*The errand that I was running (re: above crash situation) was to see my daughter CM’s individual dance picture at her dance studio. I had to view the pictures to see how many I wanted to order. I was second in line and the photographer was saying something about the “situation” on Saturday and did we know – I did not. He let me go first (not sure why, but I jumped at moving this situation along) and I gave him our name and he pulled up her picture. My heart stopped because all I could see was my beautiful little girl in her pretty little outfit with a smile that could end all wars. I even said, oh what a great picture (mommy gush). What I failed to see was the huge shadow on the side of her; he pointed it out and apologized. Apparently, he had taken the pictures all day long on Saturday with this issue. He saw the mistake; I only saw my beautiful daughter and her smile. I got 50% off the package I purchased. I won. Perspective.

*I complain about having so much laundry to do and put away. I know there are mothers who don’t have enough clothes for the children. I should stop complaining and appreciate that I can clothe my children. Perspective. (BTW, I made about $80.00 after paying for the ads from my garage sale = NOT WORTH IT)

*I rarely have a plan for dinner, it is hard to decide what to make and what I can make quickly. There are thousands of people who would love the problem of choosing what food to make for their children; they would just like to have SOMETHING. I am selfish and over-indulgent. Perspective.

*I get frustrated about the level of “busyness” that my kids radiate on a pretty much non-stop basis, unless they are sleeping. Parents whose children are ill, handicapped, starving, missing would LOVE the opportunity to “suffer” through healthy and active children wearing them out. I should remember this more often. Perspective.

*As I sit and listen to others talk about random ways to blow perfectly good money, I wish I could get access to their minds and add some software to their brains to show them things that are so much more important to focus on (not that I am an angel in this area). I have this view because I have been to areas of true poverty and true devastation. I think differently now. I wish I could give this gift to my friends and family, because it truly is a gift (as well as a haunt), this view that drives me. Perspective.

*I knocked a weed over a week ago, it was obnoxious and right in my front walkway, I was satisfied that the ugly obtrusion was gone. My kids were devastated that it was gone; it was so tall and beautiful in their eyes. Perspective.

I could go on and on, but you get my point. The next time I have a situation where I am upset by an inconvenience or something else so miniscule, I will try to put my perspective hat on and see just how good I have it.


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