Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is Too Much?

Given our upcoming move, we will be living MUCH closer to actual places of business, places that cater to children and activities and FUN.

So this evening, while Doodle was at dance class, I signed her and Shenzy up for dance class for the fall, then downstairs is gymnastics and I signed all 3 of them up, and I am also signing them all up for soccer this fall.

Is this too much? Am I going over the top now that we are actually near things they can do? Shenzy is just now old enough to do some things and she is more than ready to do activities. Doodle and Meesta have always done things, but typically just one activity at a time.

I have typically thought that too many activities for a little kid is overkill, and now look at me, signing them up for everything! The gymnastics and soccer are both fairly short term and gymnastics can be continued, so really the only long-term activity is the dance for the girls. I guess time will tell and every child is different...

All for now,

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At The Same Time

Tonight, while cooking the cherubs' gourmet supper (hot dogs, ramen noodles and cottage cheese), I hear Shenzy and Doodle arguing. Apparently, and this is where this post goes into the too much information category, Doodle was doing her #2 business on the downstairs potty and Shenzy decided she needed to do the same. Shenzy convinced me that she needed to do the same RIGHT NOW, so I turned the heat down on the gourmet meal and took Shenzy upstairs and down the hall into the kids' bathroom....yep, Meesta was doing HIS #2 business on that potty! So, Shenzy and I went into the parents' bathroom so she could join in the #2 festivity. All 3 at the same time, what is up with that?

Who knew that this activity was like yawning?! Now what are we going to do when we move and only have 2 pottys?

As I think of this, and this note is already about poop...funny story from today, at least to me... In my role, I help create documents and some text was given to me that had been approved by at least 2 physicians and a statistician for me to incorporate into a document. As I am reviewing the text that was given to me and circulated read ".... and shits upward..."! I burst out laughing and showed the physicians what they had "approved". It was supposed to say shifts upward. We all had a good laugh and well, it was appropriate to share with you today. Is that pathetic humor or what?

Life is This Good,


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adoption Musings

The journey of being a parent is challenging for anyone, because, well, because kids are challenging little people and there is no handbook.

It seems that the older my kids get the more additional challenges seem to be popping up because they are not biologically our children. Also, one of my best friends, "N", was adopted from Vietnam and some of the issues that she has endured sadden me, but also are a learning lesson for me in what NOT to do. So, while my day-to-day life with my kids does not in any way revolve around adoption, it seems to be creeping into our awareness in little ways daily.

Examples...hoping that I handled it right...

*Meesta, Doodle and I were getting Meesta's hair cut at a chain hair cutting place and then almost immediately after sitting down, the hair cutting person comments on his hair and says that his hair must be just like daddy's...none of us responded. After the haircut, I had the kids go sit down and I gently mentioned that his hair did NOT look like his dad's and that she might want to be careful with comments like that in her line of work (could be a domestic adoption situation where the child doesn't know they are adopted)...she responded defensively.

*This past weekend while at a different church, an older lady said, "oh, are these your adopted children", and while I know that she meant no harm, I could not bring myself to say "yes", instead I smiled and replied "these are our children".

*While at a ballgame for Doodle earlier this summer, I walked over to say something to her and a bratty little teammate of hers hatefully said (as I was beginning to walk away), "who was that?". I should have given Doodle the chance to respond, but this girl truly is a brat, so I turned around and said "I am her mom" and then smiled at Doodle to reassure her. It crushed me (but hopefully she did not think much of it), but that little girl assumed I was not her mom because my skin was a different color. I guess that was something new for me for a kid to question who I was...this girl really is a brat though! (now who is defensive, right?)

These are just a few that immediately pop into my mind. The situation with Meesta did come back later that day. He is a deep thinker and usually processes things for a while. That evening, my friend N was at our house and was in their room helping them get ready for bedtime and Meesta looked at her and said "you have the same hair that I do", she didn't think much of it and said "yep, we are from the same area of the world". I think that was good for him, made it seem okay in a way.

I don't know, just deep thoughts for a Tuesday evening. My biggest hope is that I am doing things right and not messing their little minds up with respect to it all. I love them and consider them my biggest responsibility and challenge. I just pray that I guide them as God wants me to...


P.S. The yard looks great and ALL the flyers on the house out front were gone when I got home...that is good!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hating the Helplessness

So, yes, my dear internet world (anyone who dares still bother to check here...), my life continues to spiral, but not in a bad way, just a busy way.

So, D, the husband extraordinaire, is out of town...for 2 whole weeks. Let me equate this for you: 1 mom + 3 kids (+2 in Cambodia) + 1 demanding job + house on the market (read HOUSEWORK ALL OF THE TIME) + 1 not-for-profit organization = exhaustion! So, given the equation above, the final straw to tip me over the edge and make me realize that on some levels I am simply helpless was the yard needing mowed. Seriously?! The stinkin' yard has only been mowed like 5 times ALL SUMMER because it has rained so little, but when I am playing single mom, it needs mowed. GRRRR! After running through all of the possible equations, including if I can figure out how to run the stupid thing and what to do with said 3 cherubs while mowing...I called someone to do it! When in doubt, call for help, even if they are going to charge you! Mowing service is scheduled for tomorrow:).

This mowing situation though has started me thinking down the line of our division of labor in this house. I feel like a rather competent woman, but there are some things that I simply don't know how to do. I am not mechanically inclined, at all. I also can't sew and don't iron very well. I can't hang pictures or judge the straightness of anything as I have horrible visual-spatial skills. D, he is good at the things above (minus the sewing), and we make such a good team, and I miss him so much! Down to 4 more sleeps until he comes home!

Nonetheless, I don't enjoy the feeling of being a helpless broad!

Until later...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Am Here...Mad at Blogger....Corn

Okay, just created a long post about everything that is going on...vacation, work, moving, and corn.

I am tired now and a bit ticked at the stupid blogger...therefore, I will try again soon.