Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kiva Reloan X 2 = Feels Good

I just logged into my Kiva to see if I had any funds that had been repaid so that I could reloan them, and I did, I had enough to do two $25 loans!  Awesome feeling to know that I am being a part of something so powerful and life-altering!  A feel good moment for me in the midst of continued turmoil in my work life and increasing dread at doing my school work (yet I shall persevere!).

I am reading Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's new book, Half the Sky, and it is just awesome, inspiring, motivating, and beautiful.  I won't say more right now as it is, for me, almost a religious experience to read this book and I just need to absorb it all.  The stories of evil and hope, successe and failures, are the real stories that should be spread, not what some narcissitic celebrity is doing on any given day.  I want to ditch my work and my school work and sit and read and read, but alas, I must be responsible.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Change is The Only Constant

I feel like I am at a crossroads of sorts. I am reminding myself frequently that I am on the path that I feel God is leading me down. Sometimes I want to jump ship and dive headfirst into my future career...but I know that I must learn how to swim and dive properly (finish my PhD), after buying all the proper equipment (finish paying off all my debt), before I take off on my daring adventure (working within the NGO world).

These feelings are intensified by the fact that my employer continues to make big changes that leave my future there unknown. The economy and regulatory changes are requiring that business be done differently, and that differently is still being defined. While I feel somewhat comfortable that I am okay for now, who knows what the future holds.

For now, I must try to be a good mom to be kids, wife to my husband, friend to those I value, employee to my company, and student to my educational institution. This should leave me content enough, but there is just a nagging need to do more that I can't seem to quiet.

Just my thoughts for now...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This has truly been one of those really great weekends. Sighhhhh of relaxation and relief. We had some good friends stop for a surprise lunch on their way down south and then we had some good friends come and spend he night with us and hang for 2 days. It was all rather divine. The kids have had a great weekend and even the dog behaved. Thank you God.

I really don't wish for Tuesday...back to school and back to work. I begin my 8th quarter of my PhD and this will be a rough one as I have a rather challenging stats class plus my research focus and another class. This degree will definitely have been earned.

I hope the weekend has been just as lovely to all of my internet friends!

Life is indeed this good,