Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May I Have a Minute of Your Time?

No really - can I have a minute of yours because I NEED MORE TIME. More hours to my days, more minutes to my hours, more seconds to my minute - you get the point.

I miss blogging, I miss chilling, I miss lots of things. I am overwhelmed right now, but in a good way I guess. Lots going on with us, can't say it all right now.

One thing though is that we are very likely putting our house on the market. I do LOVE this house, but it is too far away from our daily activities and too far to have the kids involved in the activities I think they would most like. We will definitely be down-sizing though as this house of ours now, we could not afford it closer to the big city where I work. We might be getting some funds as D's role at the church is changing, so could mean some housing allowance, which would be v. nice, maybe even a parsonage...I am open to whatever. Now, we just need to finish all of our projects in order to get the house ready for sale and then pray that the house sells in a relatively short period of time.

Kids are keeping us hopping with softball and baseball. I already want to harm about 1/2 the parents and kids, not good. We need them to be in civilized and single sports, let's say bull riding or yoga:) Why does it all have to be about WINNING all the time? They are barely 6 years old, just let them have fun and learn the basics. Way too much emphasis on winning.

Diet - holding steady right now, I was 184.6 this morning, should be in the 170s by now, but I am not preparing my food in advance well enough, leading to poor choices. I will get there.

Oh yes, one of my trips, the condo fell through and I had to scramble around today (using minutes not availabe - see I above - I really need more!) and I finally found another option, costing me about $500 more, but it is 2 rooms so that might be better anyway. Just another ISSUE to deal with.

In family news, kids are great, hubbie is awesome - so proud of him, has a 3.55 GPA after 1st year of seminary - while holding down a job, 3 kids, evil wife and taking 4 and 5 classes, respectively. My hat is off to him, he makes me want to be a better person. I can't think of a better thing after being together for almost 20 years, I still admire him, respect him, love him intensely, and still find him irresistably gorgeous. Enough said:).

More soon.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cheap Tickets = Let's Go!

I LOVE to travel, I mean I really do. I like the fascination of learning about other people, other places, other lifestyles, other OPTIONS. I was born and raised in the state that I still live in and I guess I have the itch to see more and do more. Having been to SE Asia 6 times now, one would think I might have gotten a bit of that out of my system, but it has just increased my appetite for travel.
Well, a friend of D's at seminary gave us a good tip that there is a new airline opening up, Skybus, and that they would be a no-frills, cheaper option (this friend's husband is to be one of their pilots). One of the places they will be flying out of is about 3 hours from us and for the PRICES, they are not to be beat. So, I was on the computer the MINUTE they started selling tickets. Pretty much every spare moment this summer and even one this fall will be spent GOING SOMEWHERE!!!!!
We are going to the following:
*Ft. Lauderdale (with our 3 kids plus babysitter and her husband and 2 kids; $600 for 9 roundtrip tickets plus taxes)
*San Francisco (3 nights - never been to the "city" before, only inside the airport; $82.00 roundtrip for 2 adults)
*Ft. Lauderdale (with all the girls in my family, my aunt who just lost her husband wanted a trip; $120.00 just paying for one roundtrip on this one)
*San Juan Islands (airport is between Seattle and Vancouver and about 2 hours from San Juan Island - I have always wanted to go there!; $82.00 roundtrip for 2 adults)
[Sidenote, I will also be traveling to Atlanta for work in June - work is paying for that!]
CC, I thought you were trying to get out of debt you ask. True, yes, true enough. But, these are the cheapest possible trips, they really are. We are not spending that much for some serious vacation time. Our 2 trips alone are very short and I do feel bad about not taking the kids everywhere, but we are firm believers that we need to take care of our marriage and friendship and everything else will fall into place and that has worked up to this point. We see each other very little these days with our busy schedules and his seminary on top of all that, but we are still happy and our marriage is healthy, but we are very aware that we need to keep on top of it or it will slide. The kids will stay with our babysitter as she truly loves them and they adore her and her whole family.
So, the debt reduction will slow a bit, but the FUN and ADVENTURE are truly priceless.
Go check out skybus - and NO, this is not a paid advertisement!
P.S. I am glad I started WW when I did, I have now officially lost 10 pounds with WW...but ate too much at a Cinco de Mayo Party last night!