Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May I Have a Minute of Your Time?

No really - can I have a minute of yours because I NEED MORE TIME. More hours to my days, more minutes to my hours, more seconds to my minute - you get the point.

I miss blogging, I miss chilling, I miss lots of things. I am overwhelmed right now, but in a good way I guess. Lots going on with us, can't say it all right now.

One thing though is that we are very likely putting our house on the market. I do LOVE this house, but it is too far away from our daily activities and too far to have the kids involved in the activities I think they would most like. We will definitely be down-sizing though as this house of ours now, we could not afford it closer to the big city where I work. We might be getting some funds as D's role at the church is changing, so could mean some housing allowance, which would be v. nice, maybe even a parsonage...I am open to whatever. Now, we just need to finish all of our projects in order to get the house ready for sale and then pray that the house sells in a relatively short period of time.

Kids are keeping us hopping with softball and baseball. I already want to harm about 1/2 the parents and kids, not good. We need them to be in civilized and single sports, let's say bull riding or yoga:) Why does it all have to be about WINNING all the time? They are barely 6 years old, just let them have fun and learn the basics. Way too much emphasis on winning.

Diet - holding steady right now, I was 184.6 this morning, should be in the 170s by now, but I am not preparing my food in advance well enough, leading to poor choices. I will get there.

Oh yes, one of my trips, the condo fell through and I had to scramble around today (using minutes not availabe - see I above - I really need more!) and I finally found another option, costing me about $500 more, but it is 2 rooms so that might be better anyway. Just another ISSUE to deal with.

In family news, kids are great, hubbie is awesome - so proud of him, has a 3.55 GPA after 1st year of seminary - while holding down a job, 3 kids, evil wife and taking 4 and 5 classes, respectively. My hat is off to him, he makes me want to be a better person. I can't think of a better thing after being together for almost 20 years, I still admire him, respect him, love him intensely, and still find him irresistably gorgeous. Enough said:).

More soon.



Christina said...

I hear you on the lack of time thing... and on the baseball thing, for that matter. Little League is WAY too competitive. Congrats to D on the good grades and one year of schooling done! :-)

D said...

Time - if only we could grab more....

I remember all the baseball, softball days. We had 2 in baseball and 2 in softball. Fields were on opposite sides of town, so all we did is run. Then when we did get to chill and enjoy the games - it never failed --DRAMA was everywhere.

You felt like screaming - Hey it's a game and they are kids.