Sunday, November 04, 2007


After many prayers and some concessions to a very rich and much older man...our beautiful home has sold. This is a very good thing, but also sad. We loved that house, it was a dream come true for 2 kids who grew up fairly poor. I had envisioned seeing our kids float down the stairs in their finery for their first dance...their prom...graduation...weddings. That house was where we brought our Shenzy home to and where Doodle and Meesta started kindergarten. They all climbed the trees, they hunted for Easter eggs, they built snowmen, they rode bikes, swam in the pool - and they LOVED that house too. We are all a bit sad.

BUT, we are now MUCH less in debt than we were Friday morning, we are on a very clear path to D becoming a Navy chaplain and our family traveling the world. We can focus our energies on the kids and their activities, our educational goals, our jobs, our health, and continuing to reduce our debt AND our garage full of STUFF that ended up here (not to mention the storage unit that is also almost full).

It is the end of an era in some ways and the beginning of adjustment and a new way of life.



Dedicated said...

Congratulations on the sale and freedom you are gaining!

Christina said...

Congratulations - it's no small thing, getting a house sold in this odd market. And I can imagine how sad we'd be to leave this house... but I know you guys are going to love the traveling! Hope this simplifies life a little for you too!