Thursday, September 11, 2008

Locks/Lots of Love

My Doodle donated her hair, approximately 10 inches of it, to Locks of Love. We had been talking about her doing it forever, but it was finally her decision that it was time. I thought I would miss her gorgeous long locks, but in all honesty, this little chickie has a new lease on life with this short, sassy do! She has gotten about a million and one compliments and she is more outgoing, weird I know, but I think she was somewhat hiding behind all of the hair. So, here she is in all of her adorableness, not that I am biased or anything.

Meesta lost his second tooth tonight, by having some dental floss tied to it and then having the door it was also tied to slam shut. Not my idea and I was not anywhere near when it happened, but the thing had. to. come. out. The adult tooth was almost completely up behind it...will share a picture when I get them downloaded. No tears, just surprise and Dr. Doodle fixing up Meesta like a fantastic doctor/nurse that I could see her becoming.

Shenzy has been great lately and even spent a few hours with me at work today. Our nanny's daughter had some complications from a tonsillectomy and K stayed with her daughter today as that was where she needed to be. D took care of Shenzy in the morning, then she came and had lunch with me at work, then actually came to a meeting with me and drew and was quiet and good for 1 1/2 hours!!! Heck, I was bored!!! But, she did a great job. We then left, went and got Meesta and Doodle from school, went and bought another betta fish (another one went the way of all drains lead to the ocean...).

Here is a cute picture of Shenzy, just because...

And one of Meesta because I don't want to deprive his cuteness from the internet. This picture was taken while we were riding on a tuk tuk in Cambodia and he is sitting next to our friend who was on the build with us. This was the tuk tuk that had the dog who rode along, seriously, a great marketing tool!

Okay, that's all for now, homework awaits!!! Could someone again explain to me WHY I am in school again?
Life is this good (and this crazy)!


Dedicated said...

Could they be more adorable?

CC said...

D - are you saying that with the Chandler Bing accent?? :)

Thank you for the compliment, I am biased but agree!


Christina said...

That's how long her hair was after cutting 10 inches off?! WOW. And way to go Doodle! :-)

I love the image of Shenzy coloring in your meeting - I bet everyone else was melting just looking at her.

Meesta sure is brave losing his tooth that way - I always suggest that method but no one ever takes me up on it! LOL.

Heather said...

What a wonderful sassy new look for Doodle, just right for her age too, not too old looking.
I have to think that our Jing kids are both wonderfully cute, your Shenzy and my Acer just seem to exude natural cuteness.
Meesta has my vote for teeth pulling out bravery. I pulled out all my own teeth so I know what I'm talking about!
So glad you started posting pictures on the blog, I love seeing the people you've been writing about.
Take care, enjoy your homework, it'll be over soon I promise, just a little bit longer and you'll be through it all.
Heather BT