Wednesday, November 26, 2008

About Friends

As an only child with a mom who worked all the time, my growing up years were spent largely playing with friends. I had one close friend growing up who was like a sister to me, she has 3 siblings and we still remain somewhat close. We went to the same undergrad and our friendship pretty much fell apart for a while after living with each other for 3 years, she transferred to another school for our senior year. That was very hard on me as I loved/love her so much. Time has mostly healed that wound though.

As I have gotten older and matured (I sound 100 as I reflect here, I know), it seems that I have made friends, select and few that they may be, through the major experiences of my life. I have a couple from undergrad, a couple from grad school, some from work, some from the adoption world (although most are crazy...inside joke J!), and even some from the internet! I have come to rely on these friends, mostly women, to fulfill that role of a sister for me. Yet, given that they are not family family, the holidays and such typically don't leave me spending that extra quality time with them.

I have two friends in particular who have been in my prayers lately as they are going through some challenging personal times. I wish that I could fix their aches and solve their problems, but I cannot, but I do hope that they know that I am praying for them daily and hope that things turn more rosy sooner rather than later.

So this is my sappy post for Thanksgiving, my thanks to those who have filled the sister role for me. I love all of them for very different reasons, I rejoice in our shared joys and sufferings, and I long for success, happiness, and health for all of you.

Much Love,


Heather said...

Acquaintances are many, but true friends are rarer than gold. I appreciate both, and both are in my life for a reason, but I treasure my friends.
Take care
Blessed Thanksgiving
Heather BT

Jenn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am giving thanks for your lovely post...jokes included!!

Hugs friend,

Anonymous said...

Happy Thansksgiving CC. I am SO thankful for your friendship! I have 2 sisters but still there are times when my friends know me better than even they do - and there's such a blessing in knowing that even if we can't see each other often (or practically ever!) I can send you an email or pick up the phone and you are there for me - (and vice versa!!).
Blessings my sista' friend! :-)