Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technology Run Amok!

Today has been a day of extreme technological advances in the CC household. 


1.  I purchased a new laptop – very much needed.  My other laptop still works and will become the kids’ laptop, but it literally takes about 15 minutes to boot up sometimes…much too long for this impatient chick.


2.  I am setting up said laptop, adventure enough.  With that setup comes my signing up for Skype!  Woo Hoo, major advances.


3.  I am using the new Windows 7 Windows Live Writer to type this and it is so quick and easy, watch out Nik – I just might start updating more than once a century;)


4.  I UNofficially started my dissertation today!  I put my name, previous degrees, and anticipated graduation date on the cover of the dissertation template.  It is a small step, but a big one and I am happy!


All for now, thoughts around here are frequently of Haiti and those suffering unimaginable horrors, work stresses of uncertainty still, school stresses (desperately sick of it), and overall appreciation for our lot in life.  We are blessed beyond belief and recognize it.


Until later,


Anonymous said...


I am a soon-to-be retired Navy chaplain serving with the Coast Guard. If there is anything I can offer your soon-to-be Navy chaplain husband, please have him email me at robert.a.church@uscg.mil.
God bless you with your dissertation, as the Hollies sang (my age is showing), "the road is long with many a winding turn...".

Blessings, bob

cc said...

Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for your comment, the hubster is putting your email in his contact file - I have a feeling he will might need it. He has 2 1/2 years left before he is ordained (3 year process with the Methodist Church)so that is what we are waiting on. Any words of wisdom for the spouse of a Navy chaplain would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you also for the blessings for my dissertation, I will need it! I am excited to get it rolling, I have 29 more weeks of coursework and then all I have left is the dissertation. My goal is to be done by the of the summer quarter 2011, which should be very doable.

Thanks again for your comment and thank you for your service. I would love to know the places your assignments have been and taken you...