Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Sometimes one must get a shock or a smack or just a break to regain focus and clarity.  I have experienced all of these over the last couple of months and think today, after a lovely night's sleep, I am ready to set a course that I can follow and hope I will be back on here more to keep the updates documented.

So, given that I am a list and to-do person, I work best with them...I am very Type A and like to check things off lists and must accomplish many things in a day to feel I lived it the right way.  Yes, I exhaust myself, and my family, but that is me.

Plans for the future, long-term and short-term:

1.  Lose a minimum of 20 pounds by October. 
  • This is 5 full months from now.  That is only 4 pounds per month, which is just 1 pound per week.  Totally achievable!  I will do this by exercising at least 2x per week and journaling my food.  I also have signed up for WW online.
2.  Finish my PhD by the end of 2011.
  • I must survive 4 more weeks of this quarter (2 classes).  I get a 1-week break, then I have 12 more weeks of coursework (2 classes) and then I AM DONE WITH ALL THE COURSEWORK!!!!!  I have done a dual specialization in nonprofit management and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and so it has taken me a little longer than some others, but this is the degree I want.  I have a good focus on what my dissertation will be about and I have every intention of completing it in 4 quarters (1 year as that is the minimum amount of time it can take you), but am giving myself until the end of 2011 just in case.  However, I am very hopeful that by the end of the summer quarter 2011 - I will be Dr. CC.
3.  Update my CV/resume and start sending it out.
  • This one is hard.  I have worked for my company for 10 years and while I like what I do and I have great benefits and an excellent salary, my heart is just not in it.  I have networked and worked every angle I know to get within an area of the company where my interests and heart could be matched much more with my education and background...but this week I received my second blow where I realized more than ever, the old boys' network is alive and well.  I am just not sure I will ever break that barrier.  It still might happen that I could get in the area that I want, and I am not rushing to get out of my company (although with all the cuts they are doing, I might be on my way out sooner than I would want!).  But, I know in my heart that doors are shutting for a reason and I have been praying for God to light the path that I am to follow, and understandably, that means that some doors will have to darken.  I am comfortable there, I like most of my coworkers, and I have the HUGE added benefit of being able to telework now, which is a necessity given D's career choices (which I support).  I don't look forward to the searching and the decisions that will have to follow - BUT, I am very excited about the opportunities that I know await! 
4.  Get out of debt.
  • We are closer than we have ever been and by this time next year, we will have zero debt with the exception of my student loans (and maybe a bit of D's left as well).  The freedom of mind that comes with this is huge.  I still want to have some fun and I could probably get out of debt a month or two sooner if we don't take any trips, etc...but living life and having those experiences are worth another month or two to me. 
OK, it looks like we have a top 4 list. 

Life is this good...

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