Monday, March 10, 2008

5 Sleeps Until the Big Rat

The twins will be turning 7 very soon and despite my own sensibilities, we are throwing their birthday party at the place with the Big Rat (ChuckECheese). A new Big Rat was built in our area about a year ago I guess and I have never taken them there. In fact, they have only been to the Big Rat on 2 (maybe 3) occasions ever. I don't know that I am thinking, but it was the allure of not at my now-small house, the kids LOVE it, their friends will LOVE it, and it is 90 minutes of time total. They will get a performance, some pizza, soft drinks and I will provide the fruit pizza birthday "cake". We are having the party on the weekend although their big day really occurs next week.

The fruit pizza birthday "cake" has been a tradition since the kids came home. They have never been huge cake lovers, but they could eat fruit all day long for every meal, with the exception of some pasta thrown in for good measure. So each year for their birthday, we make a big fruit pizza. It is their thing and I like that they have their own take on the whole cake thing.

The fact that they are turning 7 is so wild to me. They were just turning 1, in Cambodia, and we were in a room in a hotel in Cambodia with lots of new found friends and their new children. It was chaos, but a very unique and beautiful scene, one I will never forget. We have celebrated every birthday with them so far and for that I am so grateful.

I hope those who loved them first in Cambodia can feel the energy through the winds of how much they are loved and cared for. They are our life, our reason, our true joy. Thank you for the opportunity to love them. In fact, that makes me think of one of my favorite books that the kids own, it is called "Whoever You Are" by Mem Fox. It is a beautiful book with a powerful message to everyone. If everyone took it to heart, there just might be peace on earth.

Okay, I am off for now to work...and remember, it is only 5 Sleeps Until the Big Rat...

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Christina said...

Wow... 6 years ago and it is still so clear in my mind... I love that I was at your kids' first birthday party. :-) What a special time that was. How can they be SEVEN already?? Time just goes so fast!

Hope they have a great time at the Big Rat's - (I always pop a couple of Advil before we even walk in the door of that place as a preventive measure...)