Friday, March 07, 2008

A Little Bit Political

Okay, I generally steer clear of controversial topics, but I just read a piece on the internet that spoke to me and watched something the other day that really spoke to me. I am inspired by Obama, I have been a political junkie since his hat became entrenched in the ring.

On one hand, I really want him to win, I think he will do some of the really hard leg work to make the political machine in Washington more effective. On the other hand, I am concerned that the events that are already here, including the economy and the current state of politics (and the drastic changes that he would have to make occur) would not be easy and could leave him with a splotchy legacy. But, I would rather he get in there and give it a shot. I respect his wife, I respect how far he has come and his obvious intellect. And while Hillary complains about his speeches, I could listen to them over and over.

One example is this one:

Another interesting take is provided by Andrew Sullivan who is a democratic political blogger: He posts frequently so go to the one from today entitled the Clinton Rules.

Now, I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine right now is full-force ahead for Obama. I am inspired...

BTW, we are definitely a house divided with the hubster being a McCain supporter.

Shenzy knows him by name and comes running whenever she hears him little protege.



Shawndra said...

Amen! We need this man in the White House; we need his vision. Like you I used to steer clear of any controversy, but I feel too strongly about his candidacy to be silent, so I've been blogging and talking about him too. Thanks for this post!

B-squared said...

Ahh, your kids need the "My Mama's for Obama" t-shirts found here:
:-) BTW, look for Miss K in the opening slide show here.
But back to politics, my parents went to hear Senator O speak when he was in Ohio the other week. They have become big supporters, and they usually keep their opinions to themselves, so that's saying something. Should be an interesting next few months. You'll be casting a ballot soon, I presume. :-)

cc said...

Hey Shawndra and B,

There is just something about him, he makes me care again, he makes me have hope!

I will go check out to see Miss K, is there a modeling career in her future?!