Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Here We Go

I find it hard to comprehend that 2008 has come and gone. It was a significant year for our family, primarily with D being gone for 9 weeks and our adventure of taking Doodle and Meesta back to their birth country. There were lots of positive financial moves forward and that will only continue to improve this year. School has been successful for all members of our family with Doodle taking a bit of adjusting to second grade, but eventually everything smoothing out before Christmas break. The only major negative was the lack of progress towards my weight loss and cholesterol reduction goals.

2009, what do I expect:
*Improved health through the following measures:
  • Weight loss of at least 25 pounds
  • Exercise a minimum of 2x/week (hopefully more)
  • Decreased LDL, triglyceride, and total cholesterol numbers to within normal limits

*Continued success with school:

  • At least one Knowledge Area Module (KAM) completed, hopefully 2
  • No grade less than a B achieved (still holding on to 4.0 for now...)
  • Almost all classes completed for PhD, just about 3 will remain hopefully and the dissertation
  • Attend at least 1 residency
  • CELEBRATE D graduating from seminary in May!!!!

*Successful move:

  • 2009, mid-year, we will likely be moving, my goal is to make it as pain-free and stress-free for the kiddos, make it a fun and special event for them
  • take time off from work for the move as needed, the kids will need both D and I to be fully present as much as possible


  • Maintain it and look for opportunities to use my degree and interests to the fullest extent possible within my company (see upcoming trip to Geneva!! later in the week)

Well, those are my plans for 2009 in a nutshell. I pray mostly for health and happiness for us all, including my entire family and friends. And, this year I also pray that I will find more ways to be a good friend to others, to be an instrument of God, and to be a more present wife and mom.

Here's to 2009!


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