Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If You Want Something Done and a Rant

Have you heard the old saying, if you want something done, ask a busy person? It is true. Although I don't always grasp the concept and understand how and why it works, I know it does.

January was a relatively slow month for me here in CC world (aside from Geneva trip), one in which I wasted a ton of time, getting done what absolutely had to get done, but not advancing on any things that SHOULD get done. The only rationale is that I was not busy enough, pathetic, but true.

So, February is shaping up to kick me in the rear, with a pointed toe boot. My work work has picked up in a somewhat dramatic fashion, I am in the final 2 weeks of my 5th quarter in school - so all the final projects are due very soon and I need to get seriously focused on my research so I am not in school for 10 years, the kids activities continue to grow, I need to transition all the Tabitha stuff to our new President, and I am trying to focus on exercising MORE and eating better and less. AND, the real rub is that I need to do all of the above and try to be nice to everyone around me:).

HOWEVER, I shall get all of the above done, hopefully while retaining a somewhat pleasant personality, because I need to be uber busy to be productive, I guess that is just my style. But when I make my to do list every day, the list is not getting shorter...

On a complete aside, I am almost speechless by the situation of the octuplets. I watched the interview with Ann Curry (who I adore) last night and then there was more flap about it on the news this morning - added info - to add to the absurdity. The bottom line for me, if you have the capability to care for these children, then the more power to you; however, she does not. I might feel a bit differently if she were adopting these children out of foster care and had a deliberate plan in place - but even then, they would not LET her adopt those children even out of foster care because you have to show FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for taking care of them. We have adopted, we know the invasive, irritating, and yet responsible checks that are done to an adoptive family. Why are they not required in a situation like this??

The ethical decisions made by her medical treatment team are questionable at best, and her decision to agree (and likely encourage) all of the embryos to be implanted demonstrates her lack of rationale thinking and basic common sense. And come on, those lips and her appearance are striking resemblances to Angelina Jolie...yet she denies any work...hmmm. Newsflash: AJ has millions and millions of dollars at her disposal to care for her children.

OK, off my soapbox for now, as mentioned above, way too much to do, not enough time.

I am thankful for my business, it means my kids are healthy and active, my job is thriving, my brain is being educated, my husband likes me company...most of the time, and my friends are the best:).


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Jenn said...

As you know we both agree on this issue of a mother that cannot be happy with 6 children. Seriously? And she totally is trying to mimic Angelina. Scary!

As for your Dr. Fuhrman info...WOW! I think reading his books and following his advice can seriously change a life. I hope at the least it changes my jean size...Thanks for the info!!!