Monday, February 02, 2009

Back to Basics

With the new year, also comes the refocus on my eating habits. While I have still maintained the emphasis on trying to eat as much organic food as possible, I am still slipping in other areas, such as too many carbs and just too much in general and not enough green stuff. So, today, February 2, marks my renewed committment to a healthier lifestyle. I read some literature from Dr. Joel Fuhrman over the weekend that makes sense, both from a common perspective and from a scientific one. So, I shall make my goal to follow his words of advice as closely as possible. I really want to finally shed my adoption gain - hey, pregnancy is NOT the only way to gain weight, I can attest! I will move my body more and will pay close attention to what I put in my mouth.

On this same thread of thought, my dear husband found a Wii Fit and bought it for me. I had really wanted one. Cursed thing told me I was 54 fitness-wise! So, it will be an added tool for me to move my body more. I did 30 minutes worth of activities on it Saturday, alas nothing yesterday with church twice, my mom visiting, and homework due by midnight. However, I am motivated beyond, so here goes!


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