Thursday, March 05, 2009

Computer Time and Family Happenings

I wish I could be grounded from the computer. I calculated that yesterday, Wednesday, I was literally on the computer approximately 12 hours. That is just too much, and I don't think that more than 30 minutes were from fun. Ugghhh. It is no wonder that I struggle to get enough (okay, who am I kidding...ANY) exercise lately!

Work is very intense right now, lots of projects and lots of responsibility - but I am not complaining, I have a great job and I like it. Nuff said.

Eating has been wretched since everyone here was sick as could be. I have such a trend of doing well, getting on a roll and then when something happens to throw me off the path, it takes me far too long to get back on that roll. Lesson to self - every bite is an opportunity to do things the right and healthy way!

School is back, Quarter 6 has begun and it will be a busy one. One class involves nonprofit finance and budgeting - not my forte'.

Doodle is struggling mightily with school, specifically math. The reasons are numerous and I am very frustrated about it all. The thing is, I am falling even more madly in love of this kid and I am respecting her determination. We are working very closely together for HOURS every evening and she is just hanging in there and truly trying. I would have long before given up and cried out of frustration and while we have both been close to this once, she has so earned my admiration and respect for her efforts. It is so easy to forget the challenges she has faced in her little life because she is such a joy all of the time, but at times like this I have to remind myself to step back and see how far she has come in her almost 8 years of life (not that her math struggles make her less of a joy). She was born into an orphan life in a third world country, survived that with the most pleasant of personalities, and then had the next kick with having epilepsy. Seriously, she could use a break. But, D and I will not give up, she is a smart kiddo and has the biggest heart and best personality and is such a great little person. We will make it work, one way or another. I need to pray about this more...

OHHHH, how could I forget, this week D passed a HUGE hurdle within his path to becoming a Navy chaplain!!!!!! I am so incredibly proud of him and am glad that others are seeing just how attune to God's will he seems to be and how meant for this journey he truly is. What this means for us as a family is that we very likely will be moving somewhere (who knows where) within our state likely in June... Now, while this causes me some angst, it is still a very good thing!

I think that I am doing better at praying for God's will...and not my wants, but man is that a struggle. Does this mean that I am SLOWLY growing spiritually? I hope so as I have felt very stagnant while D has been in seminary.

Wishing all the best as the weather finally starts to warm up around here - so refreshing!

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Anonymous said...

I think R's second grade year is my toughest year of schooling yet! It's so hard when our kids are struggling in school... I bet you are a great teacher and encourager to Doodle though - and what a trooper she is to keep working at the math even when it's a challenge.

Congrats to D on getting past another hurdle!

You know I think it's easier for me to pray for God's will when I have no idea what should happen next - maybe that's the place he's bringing you to?