Saturday, April 18, 2009

Setting a Goal Date

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, lots of work and little time always seem to be the culprit. I am currently at a residency for my PhD program and it has emphasized the need for me to set a goal date for getting my PhD DONE! It is estimated that this program is costing me $70/day. That, my friends, is a lot of money. Therefore, I don't want to spend any more than I have to!

So, stating here and now, I want to be done with it all, including my dissertation by summer 2011. This might mean I won't walk across the stage to receive my PhD until the January graduation, I don't believe I would be paying tuition during that time. My university only graduates people in January and July, so unless a miracle happens, I likely won't complete my dissertation until summer of 2011. While this sounds like a long time, in reality I know it will FLY BY! I can do my 2 primary research projects between now and next summer when my course work will end and then spend that year completing my dissertation. You might have to remind me of my positive mantra during that time period....I CAN DO IT!

On the home front, we are still without a clue as to where D will be assigned a church. On the one hand I am stressed a great deal about it, but on the other, I know there is a plan from God above and that D is truly doing his life's work so it will all work out. "To worry is to show a lack of faith in God" quoting this is much easier than my practicing it though!

Work is too busy still and I have never done this type of project before and there are a lot of players, including my G&D friend G (that is the good part of the project). Rapid timeline, crazy structure, stakes high = FUN....? This is when I thank God for my good job and buckle down to endure.

The kids are doing great as is D - who will be done with his MDiv in 2 short weeks! They are my reason for everything and I miss them so much since I am not with them until tomorrow.

OK, that is the update for now. Goal set, now I know what I must achieve.

Life is truly This GOOD!


Joe said...

Enjoying watching you do it, cc!

cc said...

Thanks Joe, knowing I have good friends who believe I CAN do it is very helpful!