Friday, August 07, 2009

From the Mountains to Kindergarten

In an effort to try to eek some fun out of this busy summer..and no, moving is not fun, we have been on a quick getaway to Tennessee. We really are not into country music or anything like that, but we do love beautiful areas and love log cabins, so we thought it would be a good little trip. I booked a gorgeous cabin for us to stay in and we thought we would just putz around, see the sites in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and view some wildlife in the mountains.

Well, our cabin was gorgeous. But, it was flanked in a "rental cabin community" filled with probably 60 other gorgeous cabins, and while it was not really loud or bothersome, it took some of the seclusion out of our vacation festivities. And Pigeon Forge, for us, was a huge disappointment. The shows were overpriced in our opinion and all there were were repeat shops of cheap souvenirs and pancake houses. We spent a good deal of time at one of the kids entertainment facilities called The Track and we played putt-putt and rode rides and ran go-carts. So, this was the most fun for the kids. The most fun for the adults was the hot tub, enough said there.

As for Gatlinburg, it also was filled with things that just don't really interest us and yes, we probably should have done more homework on the place to know in advance we probably would not jive well with it, but it was a quick and easy vacation and we did not over plan. We did go up in one of the sky lifts though and that was fun for all of us to experience. I am a bit nervous of heights so I had to do some mental therapy with myself, but no crisis:). All in all, it was certainly not the best vacation ever, but it was not horrible either and I am very grateful that we were able to get away and relax for a few days, it was needed and we are blessed to have the resources to do so.

We are back now though and Miss Shenzy just had her assessment for early entry into kindergarten (she is too young by 28 days) and she passed with flying colors! Wooooo Hoooo! I was standing outside of the assessment door and was actually getting a bit nervous because I could not hear her answers to several of the questions and I had no idea what she said. I did have a moment of PTSD when I heard the tester because she was asking questions much like I had to when I was a neuropsychometrist ($15 word, I know). I hated being a neuropsychometrist with a burning passion and I made people cry on a daily basis, mostly those with a traumatic brain injury or organic brain was not cool, and to top it off, I was making $28,000/year with my master's degree...yeah, I didn't make it a year...and I sold out to big pharma and LOVE my job (most days)! Sorry, I digressed, but anyway, back to Shenzy, oh yes, she did fabulously and the assessor came out and said, well, I normally don't tell people, but she is solidly ready and I will call the school and have them call you on Monday!

So, we have only until next Thursday and then all 3 cherubs will be back in school, full time as Kindergarten down here is all day. We also signed them up for gymnastics today and tried to call for scouts, etc, etc...reestablishing your family in a new location is not a quick and easy task!

I am excited by this, I guess a tiny bit sad that my youngest is heading off to kindergarten, but I know she is ready and needs that challenge that school will bring her.

Life is This Good,

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Anonymous said...

Wow, go Shenzy! I can't believe your schools start so early - we don't go back until after labor day (which is really late this year).