Friday, August 21, 2009

Applications Being Accepted

Well, things have finally settled down around the CC household. But, let us recap, if for my future memory's failure if nothing else. It has been quite a busy spring and summer. We had:

(1)D's graduation from seminary and all the parties, pomp and circumstance that followed that.

(2)Rather all-inclusive (making it sound resort-like) work project that left me with just enough hours to try to live as well as work

(3)More coursework as I forge ahead to get my PhD tattoo

(4)MOVING to a new town, 2 hours away from our nearest family or friends

(5)Getting to know a new church family and having them all over to our new house...4 meals on 4 nights

(6)Getting cherubs used to the new place and getting them registered and prepared for their new school

(7)Getting new everything arranged and determined (doctors, hairdressers - still need one, banks, gyms, and on and on)

Now that the above is mostly done and over with, I realized that I need some FRIENDS down here. Casual acquaintances, yes, these I have made through church, and they have sufficed for now; but, I stopped for a minute the other day and realized I was a bit lonely for adult female, near my age, chit chat and socialization. I am not looking to make the best friend I ever had down here, I know our stay will likely only be 3 years here, but it would be divine to have someone I could go and get coffee with, someone who understands the challenges of work and motherhood, someone who might like to shop every now and again. I need a girl friend. So, I am not going to sit around and wallow in this, I am going to try to do something about it. So, my current plan is to try to get involved in the kid's school and maybe even the PTO (if you know me well, and are reading this...shut it), perhaps a women's bible study, or finally, put an ad in the local newspaper: friend needed for slightly neurotic, over-committed, impatient working mother of 3 who also happens to be in school (really, I will find time to hang out and chat). I sound delightful don't I?!

Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh C, I am amazed at how quickly you have settled in and done all the necessary stuff! We've been here more than a year and I still don't have a shopping/coffee buddy. I'm trying... I have casual friends through Bible study and the schools, slightly closer friends through our small group, but still haven't gotten over that "just pick up the phone" hurdle. But I'm sure it's me. You'll probably have a coffee buddy by the end of the week! (if I were close, I'd apply!!!)

Dedicated said...

It is so hard sometimes to get over that initial bump. Have the kids made any friends yet? Possibly invite your kids friends families for a bbq and see if there is a mom you would click with.

I know how you feel and I have often thought it was just me or age, it is not as easy to make friends as we age. :-(

Wish I lived closer too - I'd love to have a girlfriend for a lunch out or coffee or shopping or just hanging and laughing. :-)