Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Winter Grouchies

It has gotten cold and I rather don't like it.  Where was fall?  It went from being a record high summer, all hot all the time to cold and yucky.  Oh well, I remind myself that I am safe and secure from the elements, my job doesn't even require me to be outside working, so no whining allowed!  Yet, the grouchies linger and I can attribute them mostly to the weather.

I am ready for Thanksgiving and have enjoyed my own self-imposed 30 days of stating what I am thankful for on Facebook.  Some are deep, some are superficial - but true (like coffee!). 

D has been working out with the same training as the Navy Seals.  We are soon to be one of those couples where people ponder about how I got so darned lucky - not that they don't already, but it is becoming even more obvious!  I am working on it though, my sendentary lifestyle (desk job, dissertation, mom disguised as taxi cab) does not lend to lots of activity, but I am trying to be more aware of what I put in my mouth and trying to move more.

Dissertation work is moving along I am happy to report.  I have been collecting articles and books like it was my job (if only that paid!!) and will be doing some productive writing over the next 2 weeks.  My current goal is to have my first draft of the proposal done by the first week of January...which is really not that far away.

Kids are gearing up for competitions and conventions, at least 2 of them are.  I will be spending ridiculous amounts of time at these events I am sure and spending far too much money on eating out, registration fees, etc.  They will have a ball though and are only young once and I am going to enjoy and try not to grouse about the money and time.  I am proud of their abilities and am going to support their passions.

A good friend (who reads this but NEVER comments;) is going through a hard time and my heart breaks for her.  She deserves happiness more than about anyone I know and it just seems to evade her best efforts.  For prayer warriors who read, please join me in praying for N, she is one of my best friends and I wish I could make it all right. 

I continue to see sadness every day around the world as I try to stay informed about what is going on globally, especially as it pertains to women and children.  It is hard to stay focused on the positives when there are so many negatives.  But, I know there are so many people working to do wonderful things in a selfless manner and I choose to focus on what they are doing and to contribute in whatever manner I can (prayers, $, spreading the word). 

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