Wednesday, January 03, 2007

$14.50 and a Free Coffee...and 2 more sleeps...

I had to run some errands this afternoon in preparation for the trip to Harbour Island, YEA!!!!! - but I digress. I had to return a swimsuit I had ordered that made me appear to be a rather over-sized sausage that would not fit in its wrapping = NOT PRETTY or plausible. So, off I go to return it and find something suitable (get it...ha ha, swim suit). Well, I did accomplish this somewhat, although things would be much better if I were farther along in the weight loss journey, but I am what I am.

I also had a stack of books to take to the 1/2 price book place that buys books. And, I had not stopped at S**rbucks like I wanted to because I am truly trying to be more frugal. I went to the book place, turned in my books to wait for their offer and had a FREE cup of coffee, mind you there was nothing fru-fru about it, but it was FREE. AND, I made $14.50 off decluttering my house of some of its books. Yea me!

In other frugal news, I did not stop at Tarjay as I wanted to because I did not NEED anything from there. This showed serious restraint on my part and gives me hope that my mind is truly changing to live more frugally.

And, 2 more sleeps until Harbour Island, ahhhhhhhhhh.



Nicki said...

Wow, not stopping at Target was definitely worthy of a Starbucks! But NO starbucks? That is *amazing* will-power! I won't even say what I spent at Target in the last 2 days. Because, you know, everything is 75% off. Gulp. Enjoy your trip!!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

Hello sister! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! And, I was thinking of you today, so I decided to check out your new blogs! Congrats on the trip for you and D! Make the most of it! Ironically, Mike and I are also taking a trip this month WITHOUT our girls. We're going to a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. And, we are REALLY looking forward to our first "couple trip" since before the arrival of the twins!

About the "weight issue"...I know what it is like. But I am the reverse of you. I was a twig in primary school and upon entering high school, I ballooned up to 180...NOT flattering on my 5' 5" frame. And, in high school, it was the WORST! All of my friends were itty bitty and, I was always the girl who would be BEAUTIFUL if only she lost weight. Consequently, in college, I developed some VERY unhealthy eating habits to lose weight. Since then, I have been up and down. However, since Addy was born, I have been 130 lbs. or less...right now 126. (My mom and the elderly ladies at church keep telling me I do NOT need to lose anymore weight.) BUT, it is ALWAYS a struggle. AND, I still have some VERY unhealthy eating habits and food hang-ups that probably make me a borderline candidate for an eating disorder. Furthermore, I have real issues with how differently I am treated NOW versus when I was younger. Now, apparently I am "hot". That means I often get labeled a "flirt" because as the funny chubby girl in high school, no one cared if I chatted up their boyfriends. NOW, I sometimes get "dirty looks" from some wives for being too chatty with their husbands. It is often tougher for me to make female friends in our INCREDIBLY small town. (See, all of the former highschool "twigs" have settled in to their marriages and most have NOT stayed svelte.)And, I am often CLUELESS that my innocent friendliness is at times mistaken for flirting. Right before Christmas Mike and I went to a little impromptu class reunion where several classes got together to chat and recount old times. Most of them did NOT recognize me and kept telling me how they were just amazed at the way I look now. They guys in high school that wouldn't give me time of day were ALL telling Mike how lucky he was! They called me "Barbie". And, I don't feel like "Barbie". My personality hasn't changed. Plus, now that I look this way, I am very obsessive about STAYING this way. When, in all actuality, I was probably more content with who I was when I was the "chubby girl." I REALLY admire you for being honest and putting your weight out there for everyone to see. I was thinking that maybe I should do that. BUT, I would just LIE! (See...obsessive I tell ya!) So, I am here to tell you that happiness is not measured by a number on the scale. It is determined by ones own opinion of self worth. And, personally you are one of MY heroes! I don't give a rip what your body weighs. I know the measure of your heart!