Tuesday, January 02, 2007

3 More Sleeps

We only have 3 more sleeps to go until we leave for our relaxing, romantic, calm and peaceful vacation together, D and I. We are going to Harbour Island and could not be more excited. D and I have not been anywhere, just the 2 of us, for the purposes of relaxing and vacationing since before we started our first adoption in 2001. Now that is a very long time! Every other trip has had a purpose, be it charity work or activism, or whatever. This is going to be our time!

The kids are staying with their beloved sitter, who rocks so much I can't even tell you. We would have a much less happy life without her and her family. I have HUGE love for her:)

I have updated the books I want to read, but just purchased a few more the other day in anticipation of our beach and relaxed reading time...will update as I can.

On the weight front, while there was no real decline over the holidays - there was also not a HUGE gain and I kept under the awful 190s. While I am not as svelte as I would like to be for this bathing suit required adventure, I also am not horrifically appalled by the site of myself. While I have my goals and definitely want to get the weight off, I am not going to let it deter me from a good time on this trip. I brought my lunch to work today and had a garden burger for breakfast at home this morning, so I am off to a very good eating start!

3 more sleeps until we fly away:)



Christina said...

Oh wow. That looks like a very nice vacation destination. Working very hard at not coveting my friend's vacation... !!

Ha, seriously, I think it's *GREAT* you guys are having a romantic getaway - so good for your marriage and your whole family!. Have a wonderful time.

D said...

Enjoy your time together. Keeping your marriage strong and loving is the best thing you can do for yourself, each other, your family and the world!

PS. I'm jealous! But Hopeful!

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time on your vacation! And congrats on your anniversary!

I am going to schedule a lunch date for us. I will even bring the brown bags of something healthy!

XOX--Miss you. G. (you know who G is, right?!!)

cc said...

Thank you my friends for wishing us a good time, we are like little kids excited for Disney or something.

I promise to post fantastic pics upon our return.

And G, of course I know who G is...you introduced me to the world of blogging! I miss you too!

Love to you all,