Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Dichotomy of Water

I know, you thought I stayed on Harbour Island and decided to play hooky from my life for a while, while I certainly thought about it, we actually came back as planned on the 10th...why so long then for an update? I blame it on the dichotomy of water. You see, on Harbour Island water was my friend, it relaxed me, soothed me, calmed my nerves. The sound of splashing waves coming through our bedroom window - it was sensually magnificent. Now, the downside of water, floods. Big, 5', over the light switches, ice cold, sump pump-stopped induced flooding water. Yes, we had ourselves a flood at home, our basement had over 5' of water for multiple days. Talk about a headache and nightmare.

We lost everything in our basement, absolutely everything, including furnace, water heater, all my NFP paperwork, personal files, desktop computer, TONS of kids toys, and on and on. We had to tear down the walls, remove studs, it has been SO MUCH WORK. I have cried a few times and am now just settled into a nasty little funk that I hope is temporary.

On top of all of that and the insurance frustrations that we must endure, I have a huge deadline looming over my head to get all the tax receipts out for our NFP. I will have them out by Thursday at the latest - that is my goal. Oh yeah, then there are the 3 cherubs, husband with 5 classes and a job, and my paid employment - plus a house in disarray, 4" of snow on the ground, and I have gained a few pounds back as a result of all of the above.

Let's just say I am going to the garden to eat worms...I'll be back soon and will try to be in better spirits.

I keep reminding myself, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

I do have the BEST husband in the world though and enjoyed our vacation together so very very much and have been even more in love with him watching how he has worked so hard to clean up the basement mess, he rocks and I could not live without him.

I promise to tell more about Harbour Island soon.



Christina said...

Oh my gosh - how horrible!! I'm so sorry about all your losses... and what a letdown after your vacation too.
I'm glad you are home though. :-)

D said...

CC, my prayers are with you. I totally understand how you are being overwhelmed.

I love your 10%-what happens to you & 90% how you respond to. So true!

Just remember, your husband and children are fine, the rest doesn't really matter. Yes it is frustrating and even financially costly. But nothing like if something was wrong with your loved ones.

Hang on! This too shall pass! God is with you!