Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hanging by a string

Okay, I admit it, I give. Right now, I can't seem to keep up with everything. I feel as if I am drowning in to-do lists and can't quite get ahead. I am very bad at saying I need help or can't handle everything, but the last month has put my overachieving personality to the test.

I have been VERY busy at work, working 12+ hours for the last 1 1/2 weeks - not so easy for a normal human who has a spouse who does not work outside the home as well (and is not in school taking 5 classes), but for me, with D's schedule and 3 little cherubs who deserve me to be the best mommy that I can be, which is to say BEING HOME, this has been tough. The problem is that I truly enjoy my work, even love it sometimes and I am given these tough projects because I can usually handle the pressure and even thrive on it. I can handle the more challenging projects - which is to say the more challenging personalities sometimes, and I feel like I am valuable to the project. Fortunately, these challenging projects don't come up that often, so it is tolerable. I must admit that my mom has been there for me with my schedule over the last week in a big way, something I have never asked of her in all the time that I have been a mom. It has been humbling and yet good that I know she has been here for me when I truly needed her to be.

Now, on to the basement and weather. We have received one of the insurance checks and are waiting on the second. I will be glad when it is all over! The house is still not 100% back to normal, but it is getting close. Now for the weather, I live in the Midwest and we have had the worst weather that we have had in several years today - closing all schools, leaving me with my urgent work project trying to continue work on from home...w/ aforementioned 3 cherubs. D has been home as well, which is helpful, but still not ideal working conditions if you know what I mean. School is already closed for tomorrow.

The NFP - I feel like there are always about 12 items that I am behind on with my NFP. Since we are all-volunteer and want to remain that way so the money goes where it is needed, this weighs heavily on my conscience. It seems the minute I feel completely caught up, someone emails me about something random, then 5 more checks arrive, each requiring special communication and on and on.

Now on to the family front, my Great-grandma, who I have written about before, is not doing well again. She has been in the nursing home since this summer and been stable, but she seems to be taking a turn for the worse again. I have not been able to visit her nearly enough over the past 2 months and that weighs on my conscience as well. Finally, my Uncle G passed away yesterday morning. It is so very sad but good in that he is no longer suffering. I feel as if I was able to say goodbye to him and the last thing I said to him as I left their house Thursday evening was "I love you" and he replied likewise. I have peace in that he knew of my feelings and admiration for him but sad in that he is gone from this world. When explaining it to my Meesta, and asking if he was sad, he said "no". I was a bit taken aback at first, but he went on to say that Uncle G was with God and that was a good thing. Precious words from a child that went straight to my heart.

Finally, on to the fat front. Oh internet, it is not looking good for our little bet. I have not forgotten this bet though and as soon as something else gives, I will be back to the fight - but right now, as in other times which have obviously led me to this point - I am STRESS EATING! I will update the weight, all progress has been eliminated...but I will get back to it, I promise!

I miss blogging and am still faithfully reading others' in my spare moments, so keep it up my friends in cyberspace!

Hanging by a proverbial thread...



D said...

First of all, just stop trying to be like me - LOL!

Second, breathe!

Third, to help with the stress eating, that I am a regular of, try nuts. Buy some nuts and keep them handy. Eat them often. They help and can keep those fatty things off your hips.

If only I took my own advice - I made a strawberry cheese cake last night to relax. I think instead of eating I will just lather it on my hips.

cc said...

Hey D - don't be stingy, ship a friend some strawberry cheesecake!

nuts, good idea, I think I even have some.

I will survive this round of chaos, just need to vent sometimes...

Thanks for feeling my pain!


Christina said...

Your normal schedule would stress me out... your current schedule would send me right off the deep end! Remember you only have 24 hours in every day and some stuff is just going to fall by the wayside - that's just reality. And think of these snow days as God's way of slowing you down a little! :-)
(Though I gotta say, 10 "weather" days was more slowing down than this momma ever wanted or prayed for!!)