Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things I Love

As it is Valentine's Day, love should be in there air, right? Well, given that I am going on my second day of being snowed in with 3 kids and a major work project...and having not bathed now since Monday before work...I am needing some inspiration! Yes, taking a bath and shaving my developing armpit forest would be a good start, but let's discuss things I love - that will make me happy, yes? Let's see.

Things I love:

*Seeing D doing just about anything with our kids, there is just about nothing sexier than him being a wonderful dad to our kids

*My cherubs tucking their arms in as I hold them close to me, it means they feel safe and snug, just as they should, all is right in the world when they do that

*The smell of coffee

*Vishey showers at the spa (not sure spelled right, but TRUST ME!!!)

*Home-made potato soup

*Holding hands with D and seeing him in his sexy college professor glasses, let me just say, YUM!

*Feeling needed by my family and/or friends

*Having my best friend as my husband

*Knowing all my kids are safe (including L & L in Cambodia)

*A relaxing evening out, involving a good movie and meal

*Traveling to new places

*Making my family proud (especially my mom)

*Learning new things

*Seeing my children succeed (at whatever they are attempting)


*Riding in a car with a sunroof open

*The smell of rain when I am not getting wet

*Friday afternoons when I leave work early

*Sleeping in (at least I think so, it has been so long)


*Taking a walk

*Getting a concept, especially when it takes a while for my thick noggin to get it

*Lipstick, all shapes and kinds, I can't live without it

*Knowing that I am helping families in Cambodia through my NFP work, helping them in forever, life-changing positive ways

*Changing into my "comfy" clothes after work

Okay, that is surely the tip of the iceburg of what I LOVE, but has helped inspire me to be a bit more romantic on this happy evening.


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