Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is Too Much?

Given our upcoming move, we will be living MUCH closer to actual places of business, places that cater to children and activities and FUN.

So this evening, while Doodle was at dance class, I signed her and Shenzy up for dance class for the fall, then downstairs is gymnastics and I signed all 3 of them up, and I am also signing them all up for soccer this fall.

Is this too much? Am I going over the top now that we are actually near things they can do? Shenzy is just now old enough to do some things and she is more than ready to do activities. Doodle and Meesta have always done things, but typically just one activity at a time.

I have typically thought that too many activities for a little kid is overkill, and now look at me, signing them up for everything! The gymnastics and soccer are both fairly short term and gymnastics can be continued, so really the only long-term activity is the dance for the girls. I guess time will tell and every child is different...

All for now,

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Christina said...

all I can say is you must have waaay more energy than I do because just having 2 kids in soccer pretty much puts me over the edge. ;-)
I thought about getting R into gymnastics in the fall, but with school and soccer I think I'll be at my taxi-mom limit. Poor 3rd child, she gets so much less than #1 daughter did...!!