Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At The Same Time

Tonight, while cooking the cherubs' gourmet supper (hot dogs, ramen noodles and cottage cheese), I hear Shenzy and Doodle arguing. Apparently, and this is where this post goes into the too much information category, Doodle was doing her #2 business on the downstairs potty and Shenzy decided she needed to do the same. Shenzy convinced me that she needed to do the same RIGHT NOW, so I turned the heat down on the gourmet meal and took Shenzy upstairs and down the hall into the kids' bathroom....yep, Meesta was doing HIS #2 business on that potty! So, Shenzy and I went into the parents' bathroom so she could join in the #2 festivity. All 3 at the same time, what is up with that?

Who knew that this activity was like yawning?! Now what are we going to do when we move and only have 2 pottys?

As I think of this, and this note is already about poop...funny story from today, at least to me... In my role, I help create documents and some text was given to me that had been approved by at least 2 physicians and a statistician for me to incorporate into a document. As I am reviewing the text that was given to me and circulated read ".... and shits upward..."! I burst out laughing and showed the physicians what they had "approved". It was supposed to say shifts upward. We all had a good laugh and well, it was appropriate to share with you today. Is that pathetic humor or what?

Life is This Good,



Giedra said...

Doesn't it always make you wonder if they even read it?

It was WONDERFUL to see you today. I love it that we can always pick up where we left off. More soon!


Dedicated said...

LOL - I've been there with the kids. Thankfully, we always had 3 bathrooms. Now we have 4. Although, the cleaning is not a joy, everyone has a place to go.

CC said...

G-they definitely don't read things, am convinced of that!

D - I am in BIG trouble when we move....that extra bathroom has really come in handy!