Monday, July 23, 2007

Hating the Helplessness

So, yes, my dear internet world (anyone who dares still bother to check here...), my life continues to spiral, but not in a bad way, just a busy way.

So, D, the husband extraordinaire, is out of town...for 2 whole weeks. Let me equate this for you: 1 mom + 3 kids (+2 in Cambodia) + 1 demanding job + house on the market (read HOUSEWORK ALL OF THE TIME) + 1 not-for-profit organization = exhaustion! So, given the equation above, the final straw to tip me over the edge and make me realize that on some levels I am simply helpless was the yard needing mowed. Seriously?! The stinkin' yard has only been mowed like 5 times ALL SUMMER because it has rained so little, but when I am playing single mom, it needs mowed. GRRRR! After running through all of the possible equations, including if I can figure out how to run the stupid thing and what to do with said 3 cherubs while mowing...I called someone to do it! When in doubt, call for help, even if they are going to charge you! Mowing service is scheduled for tomorrow:).

This mowing situation though has started me thinking down the line of our division of labor in this house. I feel like a rather competent woman, but there are some things that I simply don't know how to do. I am not mechanically inclined, at all. I also can't sew and don't iron very well. I can't hang pictures or judge the straightness of anything as I have horrible visual-spatial skills. D, he is good at the things above (minus the sewing), and we make such a good team, and I miss him so much! Down to 4 more sleeps until he comes home!

Nonetheless, I don't enjoy the feeling of being a helpless broad!

Until later...



Dedicated said...

I completely understand calling a lawn service. Although, next time call your church. There may be a young person who needs confirmation hours or a couple extra dollar. Creating a win-win situation

cc said...

Good idea D...likely would have been cheaper:)