Thursday, August 16, 2007

1st Grade Overload

First grade X 2 = Overload!

Well, Doodle and Meesta survived their first day (1/2 day only) of 1st grade yesterday and now they have just left our house with D to embark on their first FULL DAY of 1st grade. They are so stinking adorable and yesterday was smooth sailing even though it was a new school and they are in different classrooms. A huge sigh of relief for me.

There is a lot to know for first grade, at least as a parent! Kindergarten was definitely not quite as full of need-to-know information. I can't wait until we get into the groove and all is a well-oiled machine.

One thing that will help for sure is that we will be moving sooner rather than later to be MUCH closer to the school and both of our work. The house closes on Friday and hopefully the painting, etc. will be done and we can start moving in within a week! Which leads me to my next panic - I HAVE NOT PACKED A THING! The good news is that there is no rush to move out of our house yet...the bad news is there is not rush to move out of our house, ya know, like someone wanting to move into it?! Oh well, God has led the way for all of this to happen so far, I know it will all work out, I just need to continue to try to let go a bit more.

Life is GREAT (perhaps I should look into self know, my last post was about a good cry and now all is you sense a bit of mood swings?!)


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Christina said...

Wow, your kids start school early! Mine don't start until after Labor day. The start of school is sooo busy and stressful for me - I think it takes me until October to feel like everything is in a routine.
Throwing in a move will sure keep you on your toes but how nice to be closer to school and work! I hate packing/unpacking... I'd be procrastinating on that too. Hope it goes quickly and well!!