Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In The Navy

Well, it is fitting that my 100th post should be addressing some very important news around the CC household. My dear hubbie, the man, my high school sweetheart, my best friend - he is officially in the process to become a Navy Chaplain. He is now in the Chaplain Core Candidate Program and our life is now forever changed. It is exciting and unnerving and so full of unknowns and uncertainty and yet so full possibilities. We shall see what the future holds!

Also, as things should never be boring, we are moving into our new house, bit by bit as there has already been painting going on and I have been getting necessities like a banshee. It is amazing how each house can be so different and require different things. What do I mean? Take for example shoe racks. At our current house, I have the over-the-door jobbies, well in the new house, it will be better to have the floor racks. Things are rarely simple or easy are they?

Meesta and Doodle are rockin' 1st grade and Shenzy starts preschool tomorrow and she is excited. So, once we survive the move, the only thing still up in the air is the selling of this house. I know it will happen when it happens and I need not be so stressed about it. I have been told before that Worry is a sign of a lack of faith in God....I will try not to worry!

Life is this good and so full of excitement!



Dedicated said...

All the news does sound exciting and exhausting. So many things all at once. What happens when your hubby makes his goal. Do they send him away with the troops? How are you going to take that? If you are fine with this, I am such a wimp in comparison.

Cathy said...

Hey D, well it will be approximately 5 years before we will start "moving" with the Navy (2 more years of seminary and then 3 years of an endorsement period with the Methodist Church). My hope is that he is not deployed while the kids are too young, but in 5 years they will be 11 and 8 so that is more manageable by myself. I am hoping for a coastal or global assignment as we do like to travel and experience the world. If/when he does get stationed on a moving ship or deployed somewhere, I will be a basket case for a while, but will pray that he is in God's hands. We are both at an odd peace about it all, so I guess that it is meant to be!


David said...

Hi, i was searching info on the Chaplain Core program, and your blog came up. I am praying about pursuing this option and i would love to get some more information on things. Do you think I would be able to chat with you and your husband at some point about life as a Chaplain in the Navy? Thanks so much!