Monday, August 13, 2007

A Good Cry

Today was just one of those days, one when the world feels to be against you, plotting to turn your every move into the next catastrophic disaster. It started with a bad morning when Meesta needed a lesson in hurting feelings and giving a darn, continued with a frustrating situation at work, finalized by the loss of 2 teeth by the Doodle (her first 2) that we MISSED because we were both at work. All of the above, compiled with my exhaustion by all of the other factors stressing me (hubby gone A LOT this summer, no exact move date, no bites on our house, work stress, NFP tax time, FATNESS) and I was a woman in need of a good cry.

I cried, a good one, and then felt much better. Now, I am sitting here on the computer, kids behaving, hubby playing the guitar and setting up his new computer (he REALLY needed an up-to-date laptop), and me having 2 seconds to blog and all is suddenly right with the world again.

Sometimes, a good cry is all you need!

Life is this good...



Dedicated said...

Hi CC, I know exactly what you mean - the last couple of days...well since Thursday, I have just felt too over loaded and took a few minutes a few times to cry. Isn't it strange how a good cry can make you feel at peace.

Too bad we can't make ourselves laugh out loud cause that works wonders too.

B-squared said...

Hi CC! Glad you are feeling better - a good cry is good medicine!
Haven't stopped by your blog in a while, but I've missed a lot it seems (moving, 2 more in Cambodia...?!).
I also got a good chuckle out of the At The Same Time post....even the work anecdote. Got to see what I'm missing!
Take care. Good luck with all life's craziness...

Christina said...

I *so* hear you! In fact, I had a good cry this morning!! I find when I'm overtired and stressed it is just the thing ... oh and the starbucks hot cocoa and low fat orange coffee cake helped too! ;-)