Friday, September 07, 2007

We Have Moved

I have been gone, but with very good reason...we have been moving, and not much unlike the covered wagon shown above, but a bit more primitively even...! My dear husband, who never wants to be a burden to anyone, decided that we could use this OPEN HOMEMADE GREEN WAGON made by an older guy in the church to move our possessions, BY OURSELVES ONLY.
We have moved almost everything now and have actually been sleeping at the new place for 2 weeks officially today and it is slowly starting to feel like home. It is just a completely different house, no cathedral ceilings, one level, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms. We have condensed a great deal. This house does have GORGEOUS hardwood floors throughout the house though and is so incredibly closer to just about everything and is on a pleasant dead-end street (like our old house) that it is going to work and meet our needs.
As for our old house, we just accepted an offer on it today, but it is a contingent offer and could fall through so we hope that either someone else comes through with another offer and forces the other people to do something or that they get their house sold quickly and are able to close. Once we sell it - we will have NO MORTGAGE payment. It is beyond my imagination really. We should be able to become debt-free completely before we leave for the Navy, hopefully with a bit of cushion as well. That will be an amazing feeling.
The kids are doing great and adjusting well to school and are loving their activities and busyness - let's just pray that I can keep up. We found a cool walking area very close to our house and I joined a gym close by that I can go to FREE through my employer:).
All in all, everything seems to be going very well and I am happy.
Oh yes, not to forget, I spent today training our new employee for the NFP, that is such an amazing relief to me, I cannot explain it. It is going to be a great life-changing positive for me for sure.
All for now, just wanted to check in...


Christina said...

Hey, that's a lot of good stuff in one post! :) Congrats on being done with the move and I hope that offer becomes non-contingent very soon! And hooray for a new NFP employee!! It's great to hear from you, I miss you when you're away from your blog. :)

Dedicated said...

Congrats on a successful move.

I know the relief that comes from hiring the "right" person. Good luck!