Sunday, January 13, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I used to drive a lot, not for enjoyment, but because my previous roundtrip from home to work (with no side stops) was exactly 62 miles every day. When you add that up, along with the fact that my van was our primary family vehicle, weekend errands, van has 110,000 miles on it now. Within the last year, I have spent almost $2,500.00 fixing various ailments to my MOT (mode of transportation).

Well, the stupid check engine light has just come on AGAIN. It seems fine and I think it could be due to the gas cap needing replaced, which should be simple, but nonetheless, the check engine light, it came on again. AND, the passenger door that opens by itself at the lazy push of the button on my keychain, it is making a noise as it opens. I just want to scream. I am not mechanically inclined. I do not like depending on others for a ride or help.

So, the decision I must make, do I get rid of this van or keep tolerating it for now. It is NOT paid off, we are always upside down on vehicles due to our previous mileage issue, but now that we have moved, I am driving much less, which is nice. Not only am I saving a ton on gas, but I am also not putting as many miles, wear and tear on my vehicle.

My thought that is becoming more prevailing is that as long as I have to make a payment, I would rather not also have to be making repairs. Therefore, I am beginning to lean toward getting rid of this one. It goes against my debt reduction plan, but so do the unexpected (and almost constant lately) repair costs. My debt reduction is focused primarily on credit cards - the vehicles were not part of my resolution numbers.

I must have a reliable car, not only for my own transportation to work, but also for the safety of the kids. This van has served me well, but I think it is time for a new/newer one.

Okay, there are my ponderances for today.

*I exercised 3 times last week (meeting my goal)
*I am eating much healthier and even made some 0 point WW soup yesterday.
*Debt reduction is going well

All for now. I have 2 homework assignments due today and some paid-work to do before Monday morning.



Dedicated said...

My suggestion - or otherwise known as what I would do.

1. get the van repaired.
2. sell it myself,even if the amount I rec'd was less then value (if I thought I had to sell - I would probably talk myself out of this - especially since the comute is shorter)
3. Get a loan for the balance that is upsidedown.
4. Pay cash for a smaller more economical used car.

cc said...

Hi D,

I can't do #4 as I have 3 carseats for several more years...the only truly legitimate vehicle where they fit according to state regulations is a van...otherwise I would be driving a Honda Accord again!

I will ponder your points 1-3, but at what point do you give up on getting the stupid thing repaired...I work for a company that requires my physical presence and the need to be there on time without excessive "I need to drop my car off...again" notes is getting annoying.

Lots to consider.


B-squared said...

My parents just got a new minivan - Chrysler is having 0% financing and no payments til summer, I think.
Good luck with whatever you decide!