Monday, December 31, 2007

To Resolve or Not to Resolve

With a new year a few hours away, I have been wrestling with whether to make any resolutions. And while they may be cliche and while I may have missed meeting my goals previously, I think I will plunge forward and make a few anyway. So without further delay, here are my 2008 resolutions:

  1. Exercise a minimum of 3 times/week (this can be at the gym, at home, outside, wherever, whatever, just try to make it a habit).
  2. Eat healthier (more veggies, whole grains, fruit, fish; less red meat, junk, unhealthy stuff).
  3. Continue with my PhD, even though I know it is going to be a challenge, keep positive and remember that if God brought me to it, God will see me through it.
  4. Lose a minimum of 30 pounds (hopefully more).
  5. Pay off a minimum of $24,000.00 in debt this year (hopefully much more).
  6. Revisit these goals on a monthly basis to see how I am doing, as close to the first day of each month as possible, provided we are not traveling.
  7. Get a pedicure at least every 2 months, sounds pampering, I know, but that is going to be my self treat and my feet are SO UGLY right now given that they have been neglected so much! This will be my treat resolution.

Wish me luck!



Christina said...

Lofty goals - but knowing you, you'll acheive all of them and more. :-) And I love the idea of a "treat resolution" - I think I will make one of those too!

Happy New Year. :-)

Dedicated said...

too bad you don't live close by, I'd make you work out with me. Maybe together we could erase 60lbs of ugly. Then go get pedi's together.