Thursday, February 07, 2008

To Cali and Back

I know, I up and leave and don't check in, I would love to be grounded.

Since I have been gone, I did trade in my old mini-van, pay $3,500.00 of the difference out of pocket, get a newer (not new) minivan with few miles and am happy with my decision.

I have paid off one bill, and am working on continuing the debt reduction, feeling good about that.

D and I went to a conference near Monterey California (hence the picture above) and spent less than $200 of our own money! My employer has started giving "points" that when you reach 500, you can cash them in for an AM EX gift card and I had done that and received the card the week before we left - woo hoo! It was a nice getaway and it was fantastic to meet some actual Navy Chaplains AND their wives (no female chaplains were there...) and to truly get some networking and information. It was fantastic. I am excited about that phase of our life to hurry up and get here!
The kids did great while we were gone, but Shenzy has gotten another nasty cold and despite 2 trips to the doctor now in less than a week, she is still hacking like an old smoker man. I just want to FIX them when they are sick, but "it just has to run its course". Grrr.
School is going well, I am in Week 10 of my first 12-week Quarter and I am looking at 2 A's! Yee Haa!
That is all for now,


Christina said...

ooooooo pretty! And how cool that the trip was practically free? Love it!

Hope Shenzy feels better soon!

Dedicated said...

The pic is awesome. And a $200 vacation is unbelievable. Good for you.

Make sure your little angel has plenty of warm tea and honey - got to soothe that tiny throat. Plus, give her a break from that constant hacking.

Heather said...

Excellent three weeks you've had, other than the kids' sickness. A great trip, new to you van and GREAT GRADES! Hurrah!
Heather BT

cc said...

Thanks for the kindness ladies!