Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Book MEME

I have been tagged! D over at Dedicated 2 Financial Freedom tagged me to join in this one.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.
5. Tag 5 more people.

Okay, my reading is not always very exciting given my profession...so here goes.

I picked up the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (a.k.a., DSM-IV).

The term organic mental disorder is no longer used in DSM-IV because it incorrectly iimplies that "nonorganic" mental disorders do not have a biological basis.

Next 3:
In DSM-IV, disorders formerly called "organic mental disorders" have been grouped into three sections: 1) Delirium, Dementia, and Amnestic and Other Cognitive Disorders; 2) Mental Disorders Due to a General Medical Condition; and 3) Substance-Related Disorders. A delirium is characterized by a disturbance of consciousness and a change in cognition that deveop over a short period of time. The disorders included in the "Delirium" section are listed according to presumed etiology: Delirium Due to a General Medical Condition, Substance-Induced Delirium (i.e., due to a drug of abuse, a medication, or toxin exposure), Delirium Due to Multiple Etiologies, or Delirium Not Otherwise Specified (if the etiology is indeterminate).

How is that for exciting reading! How many people diagnosed themselves with anything....fess up!

While I read a lot of blogs, I don't post on too many, so I will just tag those that I DO post on.

I am tagging BSquared over at A Look on the Bright Side, Chris at Mrs. Broccoli Guy, Rachel at Are We There Yet?, and Heather at Living With A Child.



Dedicated said...

Wow - I feel educated. LOL!

I'm going to have to bookmark this post and re-read it a few times. Making sure I have absorbed all the important parts.

Heather said...

It's the first time I've been tagged. I'm so excited, gotta go do my post right now.
Heather BT
PS, if you haven't visited lately, we're paperchasing for #2, eight year old girl SN Blind, cute and adventurous.