Monday, February 25, 2008

Her Name Was Monte...

Her name was Monte, she was a baby girl.... (are you singing her name was Lola...she was a showgirl?...). Please forgive, it is the sleep deprivation I am certain. We adopted a dog, her name is Monterey Sniffigans, but we call her Monte for short. Her mom was a stray who showed up way out in the country and proceeded to give birth to 13 puppies! The new owners put an ad in the paper and before I knew it I was driving home with a 5-week-old puppy. Yes, you read that right, 5 weeks. The mom was done nursing and the owners were desperately trying to find good homes and low and behold, here we are with a BABY PUPPY.

Miss Monte is now 7 weeks old and we are all surviving. She is actually very intelligent and is going to the bathroom outside MOST of the time, which is remarkable for a dog her age, but my goodness is she exhausting! We never had a BABY BABY in our house, the youngest came home at 10 months, so this whole baby thing is quite challenging. Perhaps instead of the flour sack babies that home ec students have to carry around for a week as a deterrent to teen pregnancy, they should be given a very young puppy. That should keep them abstinent!

The kids are doing well with her and I have high hopes that once the weather finally gets warm enough, we will have lots of fun walks and adventures with Miss Monte at the park that is so close to our house.

On other notes, I have officially completed my first quarter at Walden and I am going to shout it out that in one class I received 100% and in the other 99.58% - and I am bragging now because they were easy intro classes and I am fairly certain I won't be seeing grades that good again. So, yea!!!!!!!

I also started WeightWatchers again. I am doing pretty good and am tracking it all, even when I go over, that is hard. I am already in the 180s again, so hard to believe THAT is considered progress, but it is what it is. My goal is 155, I would be feeling lovely then. The ultimate goal would be 140, but for now, my goal is 155.

I owe you all an update on the New Years Resolutions, things are looking pretty good in the financial realm. We are about to get our bonuses and that will put a significant dent in the nasty debt monster.

Well, that is all for now. I promise to post a picture of Miss Monte soon!

Life is This Good!


Anonymous said...

I swear you live in another dimension or something... three busy active kids, full time work, the nonprofit, PhD classes (way to go on the grades btw!) and now a tiny baby puppy?! You are either amazing, or crazy! :-) And yes, you must post pictures because I love baby puppies, especially when they are not mine. :-)

Dedicated said...

As my boys would say "you da man!" I would say "wo-man". LOL

Unbelievable grades. That is awesome!

I'm so jealous of the puppy - not of the puppy training though. I found the cage was the best way to train - no worries and I knew what I would have to clean when I got home.

I think your house is quite a home now!

Keep up the good weight loss. I'm at 161 now from 185. I feel awesome! I think I look awesome too.

Heather said...

Okay woman, Stop being so dern good at what you do, you're making me feel inadequate;)
Seriously, what a great job on school, congrats on the newest family member, and I'm glad everyone is feeling better.
Have you guys been getting all the snow this year that we have? I haven't seen such a constant snow cover in ages.
Take Care
Heather BT

CC said...

You all are such a great cheering section! Such great vibes over the internet, thanks!

Yes, it is cold, snowy, wet, dreary and generally unpleasant in my little corner of Indiana. I know you ladies up north have had more than us, but I am still more than ready for spring!