Sunday, March 26, 2006


It has been a busy weekend at our household, one of those when we are hardly ever at home and when we are, it is spent trying to keep up with laundry, etc. Those necessities that are really never fun to do. I honestly think that I spent 3 hours PUTTING AWAY CLOTHES on Saturday - I think that my mode of operation of purchasing more clothes is backfiring...better to do laundry;).

Anyway, this weekend has also been full of laughter, and laughter is one of the things that reminds me to take pause and truly enjoy my life. We have it good, I have it good, I need to remember and appreciate!

So we were out at our favorite Thai restaurant on Saturday evening and my mother was joining us. The place was hopping and our table was near the kitchen. Well, my mother had brought my oldest daughter a matching undies/undertop combo with Strawberry Shortcake on it, and she thought it was about the best thing ever, truly. We met the hubster and my son at the restaurant as they had been out doing their own thing for the afternoon. (All of this is the set up...just wait for it...) The whole way to the restaurant, my daughter kept saying she wanted to show daddy her new underroos...I kept telling her no, when we get home you can show him. Well, as if I thought she would listen.

I was up at the counter/kitchen area paying and I hear my hubster say "XX, Pull YOUR PANTS UP!" I turn around in slow motion and to my shock and horror, see my dear daughter with her pants at her ANKLES because she desperately wanted to show off her new underroos. All I could do was laugh, how awful of a mom am I??? I think it was my embarrassment added to the fact that it truly was hysterical (in that oh my gosh embarrassing fashion). There was absolutely nothing I could do about it, the pants were down, and I was a bit away in distance, and so I laughed, pretty much uncontrollably. My own mother later chastized me for laughing saying I embarrassed my daughter I did apologize to her (my daughter) ...but my gosh, it was truly one of those moments you read about from other people, like in a magazine...not something that happens to ME! Nonetheless, it provided more laughter. I also know that I will never in my life forget that moment when I saw my beautiful little girl standing there, pants at ankles, determined to show her daddy her new dun-da-duhs, location irrelevent!

It is hard for me to realize that I cannot control all aspects of my life, but I am doing my best to remember that I should enjoy it. We only have one trip around and I am determined to enjoy it.

On a side note, my friends who have read this blog so far, can't believe I am calling myself Midwest Mama - and it truly is not very reflective of who I am, so I am going to make it simple and call myself what my dear husband calls me, B. Plain and simple. I don't feel quite comfortable sharing real names at this point, so we are going to keep with the pseudo-anonymous for now.


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