Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Lights

This evening our family had dinner at a church function and then given that we are frequently going in multiple directions in both vehicles (we love funding the pockets of the fuel industry executives...), I left to drive the 25-minute drive back to our home with the cherubs, hubby about 10 minutes behind me. As I drove the familiar path towards one of the towns we travel through, there were 2 very large lights shining in the air above the town, similar to lights one sees during a high school football game. I would not normally think anything of that, but something made them very noticeable to me and I realized that a) it is not football season, b) there is no school in that direction, and c) the hair on my arms is a bit raised. Doing what any modern girl would do, I picked up my cell phone to call my beloved to get reassurance that he indeed saw the lights as well and I was truly not losing my mind, or as had begun to come to my mind, being called into the afterlife. I know, dramatic, I am crazy, but it was very weird.

The hubster did not see these lights, further disturbing, but we rationalized that it could be the lights similar to those used in car dealerships with the goal of attracting naive buyers to follow the light to the brand new car, much the same as the bug lights attract the bugs to their death. I am certain that as I sign any car loan, there is a "zap" sound somewhere, likely multiple places...a zap that says, got another sucker! I digress...back to the lights...whatever they may or may not have been, they got me thinking. If this is it, am I ready? I did not feel scared and quite honestly did ask God for forgiveness, but felt at peace. It sounds very intense, but truly it was a rather calm experience, both emotionally and physically. I am one known to like control, okay, so I am almost ALWAYS in control, and yet as the realization that this could be THE LIGHT that people describe, I did not feel concerned that I had no control.

My lesson in this further highlights my reason for blogging here, life is short, remember how good my life is and that it is my job to share that joy with others, share my blessings with others, and live a good life, one in which God and my family are proud.

Until later,
Midwest Mama


Christina said...

Okay, that's just a little bit freaky! Did you ever figure out what it was??

cc said...

No Chris-I never did find out. Freaky, I KNOW!