Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This Good...

Round 'em up!

Well, today my beloved and I (along with the 3 cherubs...touch of sarcasm) attended a kindergarten round up at our local public school. I was a bit nervous in advance of this event...with good reason. The child next to me was dressed in his pajamas...the pregnant mother across from me smelled very much of cigarette smoke...and my judgement radar came out in full force. It is something I try not to do and I have had so much difficulty with in my attempt to live a Christian life, but alas I failed miserably today. Given that our children are of a different race than 99% of the other children in our community, I have always had a bit of trepidation about how public school might go - today made D and I a bit concerned about the possibility of this public school. I am going to do a bit of investigating about other possible options, but I am nervous. The final reason that made us a bit nervous was the comment from one of the K teachers stating that one of the things they will learn is how to tell time...and that we should NOT teach them that over the summer because what would she be able to teach them during the school year. I really don't want to have a teacher suggesting that I hold my children back - is that wrong?

On another note, we all went to a cool concert at a local college this evening and it was so cool. Our youngest is a complete musical prodigy - we are convinced (okay, I know we ARE her parents and she is likely just the same as everyone...), and she bee bopped her way through the concert. It had lots of steel drums and African beat dancing and awesome instruments, it was v. cool! It did not begin until 8:00 though, which had us home at about 9:30, waaayyyy past bedtime, and we left after intermission. Fortunately baths were taken in advance of the event, so we are ready for school and the "graduation" pictures that are occurring at our preschool tomorrow. Seems crazy and yet I know I will cherish these pictures so much as they grow older.

Different topic, at some point in the future, we would love to live very close to a college campus so that these opportunities are more frequent. More to come on that in the future hopefully, time will tell.

All for now, I will keep the situation updated based on what happens with the school situation.

Midwest Mama

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