Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Basement Payment

I am a broken record...but it has been a while and much has happened.

Home Stuff
I have lived in the midwest the majority of my life and tornadoes, well, they are just part of life here. Before having kids they were more of a nuisance, but since having kids, well my perspective has changed a bit - and we had a tornado roll through one block from our house 2 years ago and do extensive damage to objects in it's path and we were spared without so much as a drop of rain. Nature is strong and we are so powerless.

Well, we did not fair so well this past Friday evening, Good Friday. As we were driving home from church service we were able to witness the most impressive lightning display ever, yet no rain. We quickly ushered our youngsters into the house and turned on the t.v. to see if there was anything noteworthy besides lightning. Sure enough, tornado warning with reported touch downs coming right at us. Within 5 minutes we were within the basement and we were there for over an hour. The kids were troopers and it was a bit scary, I must admit, but it felt like we were all safe and sound in our basement cocoon. We have always joked that we made a basement payment instead of a house payment. Thank God we make that payment. Our kids' wooden play structure did not have such a positive fate though...see the picture above.


Last week was very busy with lots of church services and a sick child, along with work. We had lots of things going on, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (intermittent tornadoes), ballet, Easter Egg hunt, Sunrise Service, Easter breakfast, Easter cantata, lunch at OUR house... In addition, my husband has decided to attend seminary...yep, going to be a pastor, hopefully at a college, but is going to get the MDiv first. This is going to be a long process and will indeed alter our schedule and dynamics, but I am proud of him for making the decision. He intends to still work, and we are not sure about all the specifics, but a decision, well, it has been made. May God walk with us and carry us when needed.

The Girls
Nothing has changed, still light at the end of the tunnel though...

I was doing so very good, until the Saturday before Easter. I have since gained back 5-6 pounds and am quite ticked off about it. I know that I need to put it behind me, get back on the horse, and continue with the effort of getting all dead sexy again - it's a joke people!

All for now,

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