Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The week went by so fast I have been remiss in journaling all the happenings. So let me try to recap, although nothing too exciting.

*The Girls
We continue to try to get them into the hands of a family we know. We have discussed this with a nicer-than-normal orphanage director during yet another phone call, but still have no confirmation, but do have hope.

Work is okay, the same challenges, SSDD. One of the projects I am working on will actually allow me to blog surf - go figure! I am working on a "process improvement" project and this is one of the pieces I am covering. Wish I could specify more, but it is boring anyway.

*The Nonprofit
One of the aspects of our nonprofit is selling goods that are handmade by talented individuals in the Third World Country we work with, gorgeous silk, unbelievable quality - well, I just received a new shipment today. I feel like an anxious kid when I see these enormous boxes waiting on my front porch when I arrive home. Typically, the delivery company leaves me the nice little note making me sign the waiver on his first trip to our house (because typically nobody is home during the day), but today - even though I was not at work - neither was my neighbor and he actually signed for the boxes for me. One of the first neighborly things he has done for us in the last 3 years of being our neighbor, he is a quiet guy, but nice.

I was delusional and took all 3 (plus my mother...) to get pictures done on Sunday at a well-known mall photographer. I had purchased a package a year ago that essentially meant that I had paid for 3 sitting fees and time was dwindling. I used 2 of the sittings and felt as if I had run a marathon by the time it was over, but my kids were so darned adorable I could put some whipped cream on their little noggins and eat them all for dessert! The first one was just of our youngest, she is way behind in the picture race and I felt I needed more of her as a youngster...very difficult after the twins to make sure she is getting her fair shake in this family. Well, needless to say, after her own set of pictures, I changed her clothes and took one of all 3 in spring outfits, did I mention how adorable they are???! The last sitting did not go as well, but we did manage to get one decent shot and one really good shot of all 3. I can't stop looking at the pictures, so stinking CUTE!

*Spring Break
This week is Spring Break for our kids' preschool as well as for our babysitter, who is down helping in a project for Mississippi (just sang the song to spell that right). Man, I LOVE that woman. She cares so well for our children, loves them as her own, and is so dependable. I MISS HER WHEN SHE IS GONE! She and her entire family love our children and it means the world to have so much trust in someone. This has led us to have a bit of an altered schedule this week, challenging. Today, I took off work and stayed with the kiddos all day. Our afternoon entailed visiting the town I grew up, going to the fantastic ice cream shop and swinging on their playground. Not that I don't frequently realize that we have 3 children, but keeping 3 kids swinging really brought it home. Can I be there for all 3 when they need me, I mean, they all require 3 different things, CM wants to go really high, yet screams as if she is terrified; CA is very cautious and only gets his gusto going at the end, so I have to pay attention to when he is ready for less cautious; and S, she is just a little thing and I am still learning her preferences for swinging, but she is a bit thrilled and anxious about it all at the same time. Having 3 is challenging and yet so incredibly rewarding. While I can keep up with the swinging, I made sure that I also kept up with the expressions: the joy, the excitement, the timidness, the utter joy, the slight terror. These children of mine, they truly make life worth living, I just have to remember to savor every second, live in the moment, and soak up all their goodness. This swinging adventure is such a metaphor, but was a true situation:)

*My Great-Grandma
After our ice cream/swing event, we headed down to my great-grandma's house, my haven of love and safety and housing unit to the best, most pure woman that has ever lived. To say that I love my grandma is not enough, she was the one who showed my goodness, kindness, unconditional love, and probably a bit of spoiling... She is nearing her 90s and talk has turned to the fact that it is time for her to go to a nursing home. She lives with her oldest daughter (my great aunt), my great-grandfather passed away about 5 years ago. Grandma is not doing very well, but she lights up when her grandkids come around, both me and my children. I try to tell my kids how much Grandma cared for me, loved me, entertained me as she truly did a large portion of the raising me as my mom worked so much. I know my words will never soak in how much I love this woman and my kids will not have the same relationship with her that I did, but I try to have them around her as much as possible, although as you might imagine, it is not the same situation as before. My grandma is not educated, did not have a good homelife, was subservient to my grandfather until she was about 60, wore dresses only until that same point, cooked up a storm all the time, has never driven, never traveled much - and yet, I would be most proud if the qualities in me people most appreciated were those that I learned from her. She is a truly beautiful person.

I believe this catches us up on my week.


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