Saturday, April 29, 2006

On. My. Mind.

In lieu of a proper note, my brain is a bit too full, so I have decided to list all the things that are on my mind, in completely random order:

Sudan, Changing Diapers, Finding a new dance studio, Getting back on WW, Getting ready for a garage sale (tagging everything, organizing it, etc.), Finishing Certificate of Citizenship paperwork, Waiting for (and rejoicing that I finally completed) passports for kiddos, Paying bills, NEED to create and stick to budget, Removing nail polish, Putting something in crock pot (more frequently), So many books to read (currently trying to read Mountains to Mountains by Tracy Kidder), Watch t.v. less, Finish paperwork for overseas trip (guardianship for kiddos), Prepare for meeting with attorney re: girls, Make decision on immigration legislation (easily swayed by both sides), Write Ambassador, assignment for RCC - prepare for trip, prepare for TUSA taxes, get Kitty TUSA checks to process, Figure out more blogging things (read books I have purchased about this), Pick paint trip color for house, EXERCISE MORE, Finish laundry, Put away laundry (CURSED laundry!), Create shutterfly books for kiddos, Try to eat most of food in house before buying more...self challenge and to CLEAN it out - except basics (milk, bread, etc), Remember to vote Tuesday, Vacuum, Clean out organizer = junk collector on kitchen counter, Write my friend Kelly, Talk to my friend Jeanne, Visit my grandma, Decide on where to go for Thanksgiving this year, Call insurance agent (neighbors are all getting big bucks after the storm for damage...should investigate for selves as well), Start first course for not-for-profit certificate at Michigan State (work is going to pay for most of it...must get on it), Convince hubster to put up latest pictures, Prepare sale of goods for not-for-profit organization, Call dance studio - can't go to group photo for CM due to preschool graduation same time, Get kids something special for preschool graduation, frame graduation photos (SO CUTE), Get new mommy bracelet ordered (can be mother's day gift), Clean out my old clothes for garage sale, Get tree/bush for Foefie, Email phone person saying thanks (long story, washed Ds new one on Ebay), Clean out email (work and home), SLEEP.

Okay, so these are the top things on my mind at the moment. I am tired now, wonder why, just thinking about all of these things has worn me out. I wonder if this much of a random to-do list is running in everyone's mind or am I perhaps a bit ADD and/or OCD?

All for now,

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Christina said...

oh my gosh C, I can totally relate! And reading your list actually stresses me out a little bit - yours definitely has more to it than my running-through-my-mind list does.