Friday, March 09, 2007

Email Hostage

Email. It controls my life, I feel as if it has me on a very short leash. I always thought that I was completely tethered to my email when we were going through our adoptions, but it continues today. I realize that this tethering is partially my fault, but I still feel powerless somehow.

My DSL provider was bought by another company and communication to the customers during this time was far from ideal. Our email address had to change and I am far from confident that the new provider would last long, so I switched to gmail for both our personal and NFP accounts, and am having the email from the new provider forwarded to the gmail account. Suffice it to say, this has been a big headache. The flood caused me to lose all my contacts emails and now I have no idea who all I am going to lose touch with, bums me out. I know, if I was really that close with someone I would not lose touch and I should focus on that.

I am just frustrated that email has me some dominated!

Oh well, all this to explain that I was locked out on my last couple of attempts to blog as I couldn't figure out which account it was now linked to!

But I am baaaaacccccckkkkkk!



Christina said...

Aren't we so lucky to live in the computer age? LOL. Anyway, I'm glad you got it all cleared up and are back on your blog. :)

D said...

I'm glad your back too, I've missed you. I just figured that work was overwhelming right now. 2007 seems to be adding a load to everyone.

Take care!

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