Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Doodle and Meesta

6 years old today, in some ways this seems completely impossible, but in others they seem wiser than these years would indicate. We have had a VERY busy weekend, but I think they have enjoyed themselves. On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum - along with everyone else in a tri-state area apparently... We had lunch out at one of their favorite establishments, that happened to be out of helium so no balloons - kind of a bummer. Then we had my side of the family over for a birthday party. A good time was had by all! Sloppy joes, chips and fruit pizza. Lots of boy cousins, lots of rowdy, but lots of laughing.

Today, the real day, we went to church, they had cookies with their Sunday school class, and then finally a party with D's side of the family and some friends. A bit much, yes, likely, but I am not a big fan of the parties and thought that minimizing the number of people at the party might make it better and I think it might have a bit. Shenzy has been a bit, um how do I say it nicely...cranky?! After a good nap, she is doing better, much to the relief of the rest of us.

This year has had me thinking of their birthparents more than usual. Given all the issues with adoptions from Cambodia around the time of their adoption, we will likely never know the true circumstances by which they ended up in the orphange, but I know that they were indeed in an orphanage for over a year before becoming our children. I am thankful to them for such charming, gorgeous and healthy children and for making a choice that they did not feel they could care for them and wanting them to have a better future. They will forever have our gratitude and assurance that we will love and care for these children. Blood is irrelevant, these are our children. Thank you for the opportunity to be mom and dad, it is an amazing blessing. The nature versus nurture debate is really a moot point, I just know that these children are amazing, intelligent, charming, and at the very core of why I live and breath.

Meesta is very sharp, interested in absolutely everything and becoming more confident with each day. He wants to be a "sport" as well as a doctor and is devastatingly handsome. He is now very aware that his twin sister is taller than him and he is none to fond of it. He rarely asks for seconds, instead eating his food at a reasonable pace (used to be SOOO SLOWWW) and then wanting dessert - very good at convincing and negotiating. He loves to use the word "actually" and loves to torment his sisters. He likes to be held in the mornings and melts my heart when I see him mimic his dad, which he does often. He is my only son and he is the best surprise of my life (his paperwork had been misplaced with Doodle's and 2 weeks after her referral we learned of his existence). I love being his mom. Happy 6th Birthday my handsome little man!

Doodle is sweet and gentle and smart as a whip, always the helper, a little mother to both her sister and brother. She is becoming a bit more shy around others but draws attention because she is so stinkin' beautiful. She has had a rough year healthwise because of the seizures (we are at 4 or so now), but is still doing great otherwise. She has the longest legs, arms, and fingers, complimented by a captivating smile. She is loving beyond words, gentle with everyone, and caring at the best level. She wants to be a ballerina or dancer and a mom:) She rarely argues or fights (with us or her siblings) and has even renamed her prominent wrist freckles after our 2 other girls who remain in Cambodia - always thinking of others. She is my first child, she will forever be my first baby (if only by 2 weeks), and I will forever be grateful that she brought Meesta to us. I love being her mom. Happy 6th Birthday my Doodlebug!

I think they are incredible people, and I hope that other people think so as well - they seem to, but of course we are biased! D and I do our very best to help them become good people, to raise responsible, happy, well-adjusted people that make this world a better place.

Happy Birthday my Doodle and Meesta, you make being your mom so easy. You are truly my sunshines.

Love, Mom


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Meesta and Doodle! 5 years ago we celebrated their 1st birthday with them... it seems so long ago and far away now, doesn't it? They are incredible kids and you are one very blessed mom. :-)

CC said...

Thanks Chris - it seems incomprehensible that we were in a hotel room in Phnom Penh celebrating their 1st with our newfound friends. Thanks for continuing to be such a positive friend - I value your friendship so much!

D said...

The cake is unbelievable, but pales in comparison to the tribute that their mom shared with the world.

You left me feeling as though I know them and love them. You are a very lucky mommy!!!

cc said...

Oh D - that was a google picture cake...we had fruit pizza - sorry for the false advertisement...but the kids, oh they are awesome!