Saturday, March 03, 2007

Places to See - Start w/ Briland

I have been playing around with my google homepage and one of the optional links you can add is "places to see before you die". This has made me think of all the places I would love to see before my time on this earth is no more. Given D and I's love of travel and our desire to show the kids the WORLD, I thought I would share some of the places I would love to see.

Do you have some you would recommend to me?

I will start this little blog journey with Briland (aka Harbour Island) in the Bahamas. Now, everything I read touted it as the most lovely and calm place to visit, everyone friendly, lots of relaxation. Now, I will agree with the lots of relaxation and it being a fairly calm place to visit - the friendly part I would not really agree with. The islanders were not overly friendly or helpful, but our main goal was the relaxation piece, so it was what we were looking for. It was a very expensive place to visit (hence the private island part and everything having to be shipped in), but we still enjoyed ourselves. We ate a lot of seafood, mostly conch (cooked any way you want) and drank some lovely beverages;).

Here are some pictures:

This was the view from the beach itself, it was gorgeous.

This was the view from our deck in our apartment, very lovely - despite the power lines - and you could hear the waves rolling in, very calming.

This was the sun setting from our evening beverage - I mean dining - establishment. We really did relax and enjoy each other's company.

This was a picture of a photo shoot that was on the beach, we never did seem to see the model/s that were being "shot" but it was interesting nonetheless. D and I joked that it was a good thing we were not in our fitness prime at the moment or we would have had to oblige and let them shoot us. (JOKING!)
This already seems like so long ago and it was only January, I guess the events since then have aged us considerably! We NEED anther vacation, but are sufficing for an evening out - adults only. Our friend N is coming over to stay with the kids, and they are beyond ecstatic. They think she is the greatest thing since Ramen Noodles and I think she is pretty darn fond of them too...
So, where are your favorite places?


Christina said...

ooooh, that looks really nice. My favorite place ever is Hawaii - Maui was better than Oahu. So relaxing! (and the people are friendly too!)
Close to home, San Juan Island is the best... less rain than we get and orcas swimming by half the year.

Cathy said...

I have been there too Chris and would have to agree that Maui was amazing. I have heard San Juan Island is great - I will add that to my list!


PJ said...

The natives can be a bit blase at times -- you'll hear folks say "it's the Bahamas."

I will admit that it sometimes is used as a lame excuse. But for the most part, it's understood the Bahamians like to take their time.

My wife and I love Harbour Island, but it is getting _very_ expensive. Now Bill Gates is supposed to have a house there!

This year, we're going to stay on Eleuthera -- it's supposed to be the next hot thing.

Here's my Harbour Island blog. You'll find some other links there I have for Eleuthera and such. I'll have some more to add there later in April after we return.