Saturday, December 08, 2007

Back to School - Do I Have Time?

So I have officially begun my PhD work. The degree is far removed from my previous education and daily work (BA - biology and MS - clinical psychology), so I am a bit intimidated as this degree will be in Public Policy with a focus on Nonprofit management and NGOs. While I am very excited, it has also already a bit overwhelming. One problem is that my paid employment has been OVERLY busy as of late and I have been working ridiculous hours to try to achieve something in like 1/4th the normal time. I get the fun projects:). Anyway, back to the degree, it is an online program ( and it is going to be challenging. I had some concerns about it being an online degree, would it be rigorous enough, would it be respected by others? Well, Week 1 has conquered several of my doubts.

Wow, by Day 3 I had to decide on one of my major research topics. By DAY 3! It had to be something related to democratic governance, a problem I would like to investigate and propose a solution to. I decided to pick the issue of multiple departments of government being involved with international adoption and how problematic this can be. I know of a great piece of legislation that was proposed called ICARE, primarily written by a friend who has recently started a new organization that I would urge you all to join,
EACH. McLane is very motivated and has not only the knowledge, but the experience and passion to make this work.

Anyway, with the degree, paid employment, Tabitha work, kids activities, their homework and all the Christmas-related activities - this month is going to see me sleeping a LOT LESS. I know that I can do it though, so I am trying to remember to do it all with a good attitude and to not take my fatigue out on my family. Top this off with a sinus infection and I am just beat and ready for a long winter's nap.

Despite all of the above, I am looking very forward to all the Christmas-related activities for the kids. It is so fun to see the holidays through their eyes, they truly sparkle with excitement.

Life is THIS GOOD,


Dedicated said...

Wow CC you are brave and such a hard worker - I'm sure you will be fabulous.

I had no idea that adopted children did not receive the same rights as the others. I would like to hear more about the differences when you have time. :-)

I guess I always believed a child is a child is a child.

B-squared said...

Good luck on your PhD work!
(And you know, you get the fun projects at your pd employment b/c you are the is your "reward"!) ;-)
Have a very Merry Christmas! I loved your most recent Good, Good Day post as well.
Take care,