Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Good Good Day

Have you ever noticed how the mood of others' influences you? I am aware of it, but not too much on a normal basis. My dear hubbie tried something on his unsuspecting family yesterday and it was rather amazing, so I will share.

Tuesday mornings for the last several years, D has fixed breakfast (sometimes cereal, sometimes steak and eggs - one never knows) for his senior high youth group. You might think, what kid in his/her right mind is going to get up and go eat breakfast at the church - before school? I would guess 0. Well, D has some sort of cool aura about him and the kids LOVE HIM. They come, at 6 in the morning, to meet and fellowship. He has taken them through some unique things over the years, with one of the coolest being the practicing of ancient prayer practices. He tries to make them aware of the larger world and to be more compassionate and understanding of others in this big orb we all inhabit. Yes, the reasons I love him are many.

Anyway, getting sidetracked, so yesterday, he came back home after breakfast and started telling the kids and yours truly that it was a "good, good day". How do you not respond positively to such a pleasant statement and the positively charged environment that surrounds it? He even managed to make Shenzy (of the morning Sybil personality) smile and become more pleasant. It was downright amazing the effect that his very positive attitude and mantra of it is a "good, good day" had on my the rest of the day. It worked on the kids too.

So, I wish to you all to have a good, good day. If you embrace it, you will!


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