Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Best Christmas Ever

I am still in "pinch me" mode as I have just experienced a truly great Christmas. This Christmas with the kids was by far the best ever. They were truly appreciative of their gifts, they loved them, played with them, said thank you when appropriate (without being prompted), and then shared, played and DID NOT FIGHT with each other. The fighting has resumed a bit today, but not much. They are loving staying at home, relaxing, never taking off their pajamas, and having D and I full time just hanging out. Seriously, this is how every Christmas should be. This shows me that we need to just hang out at home more often than we do.

I snuck out of the house for lunch with a friend yesterday, but other than that, we have not left the "nest". D has to go to the dentist and to work for a bit today, but hopefully we will be snuggled back down to do not much again today. I have homework to do - still have 100% in my classes - let's hope that can continue! It is definitely much harder than I was anticipating, but I am already learning a lot.

Ahhh, so very relaxing!


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Christina said...

That sounds so nice! My kids are playing pretty well too... not sure I can say there's been *no* fighting though! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-)