Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 More Sleeps

I have 2 more sleeps with D before he takes off on his journey to becoming a military man. Every time I truly consider his absence for this long, I get a catch in my throat and my nose begins to burn. The kids are really having a hard time with it.

Meesta came to me this evening before D got home and was very mopey, just wanting to be held and very close to tears saying he was going to miss his daddy. He then went and got a box, put his favorite stuffed monkey in it and his favorite new team roster poster and brought them to me, saying they were for daddy to take with him. My heart literally needed mopped up off the floor. I explained that daddy would not have much room and that maybe he should just choose one (allowing him to keep the monkey that I know he would truly miss and would be such a sacrifice - but one he was happy to make), so he chose the roster and hid it among D's shirts that were sitting there for packing.

I told D of that story when he got home and I think it is really causing him some emotional angst as well as he is such a great dad and he will miss them more than he even realizes I am sure.

On an even less positive note, my great uncle passed away yesterday morning, his wife found him on the floor unresponsive in the morning. He was only 69. Sad, very sad. He is the youngest of my great-grandma's children and they only told her today. He very faithfully visited her and she will miss him so very much.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, we are having FAMILY DAY tomorrow (minus the trip to go to the funeral showing, although that is certainly about family). Shenzy has a speech appointment and we will all go (keeping kids home from school - teachers approved and they already took their Friday tests today), then Doodle gets to get her ears pierced - the little lady is so very excited! Then we will have lunch on the town, run last minute errands, go the showing, have some sort of supper, and then settle down for a family night of movies and cuddles.

D's flight leaves at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday. Please pray for his safety and my sanity. He is my best friend and I will miss him for my own selfish reasons, but also for our kids, this will be a struggle. BUT, I will be positive (I promise - this will be my outlet for woes) and will have more patience than normal and be more understanding and we will have FUN and do cool things - it will be a big priority for me.

All for now as I am rambling on. I am off to finish my homework so I have no more due until Saturday night.



Christina said...

Oh, I can just imagine how hard this is for all of you... I would have the worst time if Hubby had to be away for an extended time. My prayers are with all of you.
Also, so sorry to hear about your great uncle - what an awful way for his wife to find him.
Hope you all have a wonderful memorable family day together tomorrow.
Hugs... C.

Dedicated said...

Oh CC, I would be a mess too. He will return safely and you all will be home together soon.

Can I offer a borrowed suggestion? Well, you can't really say no - right? LOL

Take a large vase or empty fish bowl and place it in the family room. Inside, fill it with marbles, dried beans or something you have around the house. Each marble or dried bean should represent one day that your family is seperated.

Each day, witht he kids, remove one marble. So that you all can see your reunion time getting closer.

I know you can see it on the calendar, but kids will really get the feel from the visual that he is coming back.

My prayers for all of you.